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A lot of what we've seen from over years over the years is sort of trying not to get caught in the executor school to X men feeder loop cycle and coming back anyway. But it's it's it's something that that bears consideration, and sort of also drives home the awkwardness of their relationship. Kaz kitty kitty has always been the kid who got along better with the adults and seeing her try to figure out how to relate to another kid in her. Previous position is a little bit heartbreaking. And that's one of the things. I really appreciate about. Continuing superhero comics is you get to see these characters who have been relegated to a specific role than occupy other roles. Other dynamic. She could see them flesh out you to see them from so many different angles because you have decades to work with it. And that's one of the reasons I think the kitty Pryde is one of the more interesting x men characters we've seen her from so many sides. But what can you can't do in the way of mentoring Wilbur in Ken, and once he's done talking to silo can remorse. He he drops by to dispense some wisdom to jubilee as well eight the Dyan, you should be afraid of she relation. We all do that. But not living your life to the fullest before your time dacha frighten you girl an more than anyone else. I know you don't have to worry about that. At all, no, one takes a bite out a life. Like, you do girl. Remember that? So I think it's worth noting that although there is currently a living Ileana Rasputin magic in the six one six the Ileana respite in who dies. Here has never come back. That's right. Yeah. The versatile Yana. We have right now is sort of a, well, it's very complicated. But she's much closer to the new mutants Leon Rasputin than to this one and still slightly different that the chiefs she is effectively a different Ileana. And that's that's something that for me gives this story a lot more weight in the same ways that it gives the end of inferno a lot more weight. Agreed. Yeah. I mean, letting a death stick I'm not gonna say the dark Phoenix saga doesn't matter. Because of the later read con, but that's sort of maybe the exception that proves the rule, and in this case, I think if this Ileana came back from the legacy virus from all of the morning and sorrow that came from her death. We'd lose a little something. So I mentioned that you know, this this Ileana hasn't come back. There's different one back in. We're going to be looking at at yet a third version of the character altogether. Now over the years, and especially over the last decade we've seen on and off we've seen magic more and more associated with the elder end of the marvel universe and specifically with within into a degree apprenticeship released having Dr strangest a mentor and in twenty eighteen a one shot came out. What if magic was part of the twenty eighteen what if series is written by Lee Williams, art Bill are lineup by Philip Andrade and colors by Chris Halloran? And it's it's. About a continuity in which in which magic was mentored as a teenager by doctor strange. Do you want to talk a little bit about what if some what those are because we've we've discussed them on and off a little bit. I think most mostly in context of the dark Phoenix saga and some cold opens..

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