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They're no widespread algiers report cruise on scene often in a lot of these cases also on the road tonight our gene wexler is out there right now rain coming down here to pullover an old off around here near han way and correlate any in an airport and yet rail on a lightning in any rain all on the road is my earn him at five in ghana what our waking up moderate not getting a your very quickly at my rate uh other than go oh yeah rear like norm reporting eddie gene wexler news ninety six point five wdbo thank you gene stay safe out there and again because we where to hat sometimes we do just have an updated from the greater manchester police on that manchester explosion police tweeting at this time that that controlled explosion was nothing other than abandoned clothing not suspicious item a good update their but now back to the weather you heard gene they're talking about problems on the roads for a look at the roads go to traffic del rio grande kevin i think it's very important for our listeners though that because there were so much rain coming down so quickly we're starting to see a lot of flooding and ponding along the expressways i four eastbound before the turnpike a left lane blocked off by flooding that a crash i four eastbound at john young blocking the left center lane second crashing spell to john young just off to the right shoulder also i four eastbound right there the on ramp from obt a crash blocking the left lane i four eastbound michigan crash just off to the right shoulder still working a crash along john young it whisper lakes at a crash colonial at chickasaw reto grant news ninety six five wdbo ardy reno thank you eight forty nine on news ninety six five wdbo looking at the interactive radar which you could do for yourself in the news ninety six five wdbo app we have a straight line of rain now from south of kissimmie all the way up through through belle isle through downtown orlando extending west to windermere dr phillips area is through union park eaten ville winter park straight up uh throughout the months springs and sanford well into volusia county now but if you look at the map from deltona a wide swath of us storm activity all the way down to well south of kissimmie an extent expect.

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