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It's a medical miracle. Don't let anyone try and take credit for it. But with all of the things I've done This could be the most important because there's been voter fraud going on. But never at this scale. Tens of millions of ballots have been sent out to people that didn't even want him. Many people and I know you've heard many people have received 23 and four balance. Many people have taken those 23 and four ballots and they voted him. This election was a fraud. It was a rigged election. I mean, I hate to say it, but this was a rigged At the highest level. It was a rigged election, so we have to figure it out, okay? And, uh, There you have it, President Trump said a be sure and And make note. Always good stuff on the vaccines happened. On my wash one. The other things I found interesting about one of the shortfalls of the AstraZeneca trials. It's reported that the trial groups, the volunteer groups appeared to include relatively few participants. Over the age of 55. Course that's a group that's especially vulnerable to Cove in 19 so That would seem to be a pretty significant Omission. Right, so we'll continue to follow that story for you. And as we begin to to wrap up here, Mark and Melinda are out today. Can you Ron Meyer in four marketable and they're gonna be back with you and the two o'clock hour. And we're going to lost to talk about their that the president had some things to say yesterday about Those Senate races and Georgia in fact, Next Saturday. He's planning to go there, so we're going to talk about the latest on those Georgia Senate races. This afternoon. I got a little follow up on a couple of stories. I know that Mark and Melinda. Have have talked about one in particular out in San Jose, California. When, uh, a guy went on a stabbing spree. At a homeless shelter. Some new details about the suspect. In that case, also, some follow up on you Heard about the New Mexico, right? Trying to close down the grocery stores and all that's and follow up on how that's been going. In New Mexico and a whole lot more..

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