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Can Google this right now Boston University did a study in twenty eighteen they wanted to see how many pitches the umpires missed for balls and strikes right the number thirty two thousand two hundred and ninety four missed calls reporter strikes throughout the entire season of twenty eighteen that averages out to one every fifth pitch a mess now you can make a case well if they miss it for one team they're gonna miss it for you as well so it all evens out the problem with that is that you don't know when it's going to happen so it may have been in a relatively unimportant time for me and a crucial time for you and also it doesn't happen evenly for the same here so for example Erin judge being six with a the empire still haven't figured out how to adjust the strike zone for different batters heights to win judge gets in the zone judge gets in the box they think he's five ten they forget that is six eight so the problem is I understand everything you said about the whole situation with Boone and everything else I completely agree with that but why are we still asking these numbers to do something that can be done so much better by eight I'm holding my smartphone and I could see the strike zone I could see where the ball is in ways you know what my friend it's time for somebody like me to admit I was dead wrong a few years ago because when this topic was approached I laughed at the idea of electronic size on I said it's Dolby it's stupid I never want to see it hi how are you going to implement it and then you watch these umpires go about their business day in and day out and you know what the more more I watch Dave the more more I want to see it at some point time because you're right the technology is there for it these calls that are being Mister egregious and you mentioned you know the magnitude of a call think about Saturday's Yankee game Cameron Maybin strikes on a three two page with nobody out too bad call going against the Yankees okay for the Cleveland Indians nobody on days I whatever well the Indians take advantage of the fact that James Paxton hi Carlos Santana struck out she stuck out instead he gets no life he gets a basic we get the basic band of time again to your point I see exactly where you're coming from and that's why there is this frustration not only from bone but for many of these other managers and the umpires are getting defensive the umpires can handle criticism and a lot of young girl buyers they go out of their way to start trouble in the dog and that's a problem you must call move on an actual that's the good umpires they'll how that entire situation was handled Saturday you can honestly sit there and tell me you know what the pliers handle in a great way go back to watch it Hey maybe he'll tell me alas eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six will wrap up JJ have doc whatever's on your mind the Yankees get ready for this series finale with the Indians one OS caras trip is going to be you got the Mets try to make sure they take two or three from the oils and will set the stage for the third and I guess the most important in on itself exactly generalities for pre season but what to look for preseason regulatory probably because after this.

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