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Are hiring weather forecasters because it pays off they can use that knowledge in ways that are good. And we have students that come routinely from the military because the military knows they need. Good forecast to Marty has a as a question along these lines calling from Ellensburg, Washington. A hi there Marty you're on science Friday. All right. I think my question is like we have all these different places to get weather forecasts. And I'm wondering if they're all using the same basic information from the US weather service, or if they all have their own kind of information source. That's a great question. Angela maybe you want to pick up on that. Because I think people are confused there, so many places you can get a weather forecast. These days. Yeah. And Marty's question is actually something we we get asked a lot, you know, the basic backbone is all the same. But the way it's applied might be different. So there's the there's the national weather service. There's the app on your phone Weather Channel AccuWeather, and then there's your local TV station. So, you know, the data that comes in is all the same and then the models. Everyone gets to see the models some of the private companies have their own weather models, and some people have you know, give that forecast a personal touch. So it's unlikely that you're going to see the same forecast across every single app or TV station. And so what you actually have to do is. I always just recommend finding a forecast outlet that you like that you think is accurate accurate that you can relate to and. The you can trust because it's important to get the weather right day to day. But it's it's also really important to find some, you know, a trusted source for when the weather's going to be really bad that you can go to and get your emergency information from them. So that's always my recommendation who speaking of emergencies everything Richard touched on this earlier. But Angela especially in hurricane season. We hear about these different models of what they are why they're different. Maybe you just explain a little bit more, especially when it comes to predicting something that's really is devastating potentially as a hurricane shirt. So all of the different models in the U K has their own set of models the Europeans do Canada the US. They're all they're all trying to model. The basic physics equations of the atmosphere in in slightly different ways. They all kind of have different approaches to to answer the same. Questions and and within those models. They also run them several dozens of different times with with just very little tweaks to their initial conditions. So they're starting points. Because like Richard said, we don't know exactly what the atmosphere with the state of the weather is at this very moment. It's impossible to know. Exactly. What it is. So accounting for the fact that we don't know, and we know that there's going to be some air there. We we run it to get that chaos effect into it. You know to get that. Butterfly, flapping its wings and get a little chaos in there. So that it generates that spaghetti.

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