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The you're right. That's Louise Robert to hit debut his first game in the major leagues. He gets two hits put on a laser show out there Friday. Absolute ropes. Absolute Rockets highlights courtesy, NBC Sports Chicago and this number was the hardest hit batted balls through one game. Okay. Louise Robert, 115.8 miles per hour. Well, a man has 100 13.6 miles per hour. And Giancarlo stand 112.2. CJ Crone. 112. The difference between CJ Crone and Giancarlo Stanton is they got a little bit of loft on theirs. And they went really far by Robert 115.8 miles an hour at at an off speed pitch from Barrios is nice to see him hit an offspeed. For his first hit because you think, Okay, they're going, throwing fastballs, and he's going to be challenging. What fastballs or something he probably knows. His burrito says. Okay, Louise, Robert, you know, highly touted rookie patrolman, You know something off speed, And once you do it hits the ball harder than anybody else in baseball's hit a baseball In the 1st 2 days of the season, so that's nice to see he gets out there. He played center field has had two hits. That was nice and You on Moncada to have Moncada and Anderson last year, Anderson improve his batting average buy like 100 points in Kolkata by like 80 and Okada gets a hit going the other way in the first inning, and then we're gone. He ties it up, and that was amazing Shoots..

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