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It was an under thrown ball of the defensive back didn't make good play on. Right. So you have all these safeties playing deep two of them stick. And then you have these rub plays in elements open over the middle every time. So all romo's pointing out his single coverage. Do it. It's here's a rub play. And there's a first now, right? I actually get annoyed when coaches go away from something that's working, right? Like, we talked about the Georgia Oklahoma game year ago and the Rose Bowl in Georgia's ripping off eleven yard carries. They start getting cute. No, the patriots didn't get you there. Like, all right. These knuckleheads are playing deep. I'm just going to run underneath and Bronx single covered. Oth- wrote him in runner up over the Middle East wide open. I was talking to add in Jeff Sherman salmon's and Jeff Sherman in the back right for you showed up decay, and one of the things I feel like I'm getting older, and I'm getting pretty old or cranky is I know very smart, but I'm starting to wonder. Where is Bella check truly genius? Or these other coaches just a bunch of blockheads and bell. Check is just smarter than all of them. So he outsmarts all well, that's it's a couple of things it is. He is a wizard when it comes to some of the scheming, right? What he did to the chargers. And then back in the day what he did a jet with the giants against the bills and things like that. Matrix. Right patriots. Now with that being said, those are all I think accurate assessments, but some of the other stuff I think he gets gravy on top because the other guys make too many mistakes. We saw it in the saints game refs. Choke just as much as players coaches joke as well. Andy Reid choked. With that time out in the first half on third and four third in eleven. Okay. Maybe I'm okay with eleven is a different story. So pin back either on their own ten they were at their own thirty five forty. So I think Bella check really just kind of plays relatively tellingly at times, and it's just magnified because he has players like Brady who delivered and the clutch. And then also the other coaches have some buffoonery. I don't understand some of the stuff that was going on. It's very disappointing for guy who had money on the chiefs. But I I really did want Kansas City in the Super Bowl too. And I love Mahomes like most of America. It's frustrating. Give the patriots there. Do who knows? What happens without the roughing call? I think that was on second down. It was those second on. Long. They converted all day. The absolutely couldn't convert down another play Odeon think don't compare that. Call to what happened to the saints. That is ridiculous. The New England would have just had a third eight. They probably would have just run the same rub play with the safety taking Ataman, and they probably would have got a first and at that didn't happen than than Kevin would have had one. Catch Chris HOGAN, Kevin HOGAN, former court quarterback. Kevin mclean. Virginia native the played quarterback at Stanford. Right. Yes. That that's okay. Okay. So here we have patriots Rams. The Super Bowl props will be unveiled in a few hours. You know, I can tell you weren't too excited..

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