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Have to know, my friend. How you doing and gimme a temperature. If you would my friend. Oh temperature. We have right now got we've got. Nine degrees. All right. Awesome. Nine degrees of warming little warming trend taking place. I like that. And it's gonna get down to minus one. All right. By the way. I saw you want Facebook wearing shorts. What was going on? We wanna yourself. Other job, I work at health club. We some of the trainers. They wanted to get outside. And do these things called slurpy where you do these burpee in the snow, and they want to step it up and just wear shorts. So they they're talking about it. And of course, I got in the conversation and next thing, I know I'm on side doing these slurpee. All right. It's you do realize your closer to my age than you are. I am. I am. But I had I couldn't let those young bucks have all the. All the accolade. You know? All right. Well, just you know, you got to watch these things. Doc, you know, my doctor friend who've been he called the idiots meeting. You remember that guy? I don't I I do remember that. I do. All right. So you gotta you gotta take care of yourself out. I will the different age different time. You're right. All right set. Some people are going to try to cheer me up here. So many take some calls. Let me go to Mike an economy. Walk has been very patient. Hey, mike. How are you my friend go right here with hey, Dan, always good to talk to you? We have so much in common. We always hit it off. But first of all I have the crowd as well. Right. How can you have any? That's right. I am an independent contractor bummer professional licensed professional, and and I'm not going to get a check because of this. All right. So so I think there should be a news story. The and I'm down to my last tampon, or whatever it is. This is the world we live in and what we have to realize his never listened to what a liberal says watch what he does. Okay. So you're you're second segment comes in with inter man. I know you do that. But what a great segue because this young man's name was Sandman percent. The kid from Kentucky. I'm talking about where he where he was preached by this fine American Indian gentleman. Yes. Yes. The world being upside down. There was some video of this happening. And it was like one of these videos of something going on at a concert or somebody throwing a bottle, and there's a lot more news out about who this Indian American Indian fella is. But it's it's all it's a put up it's a complete and utter put up the whole narrative was blown out of the water by the end of the working day. And it was just it was. On the other side, except it's wash and they still haven't accepted the Hilary lost. So this young man is being excoriated even by his own Bishop for standing there and doing exactly what the Bishop has decided not to let the kids go on TV interviews anymore. That's. You know, Mike, I appreciate the call. Appreciate your time today. Pay get better feel better. Seven nine nine eleven thirty seven nine nine eleven thirty toll free eight hundred three eight nine four seven six. I think Mike has a point. You know, if the if the act like they. They didn't take a defeat or they just don't accept the narrative that was the truth and. Yeah. He's right. He's right. Let's go to Anthony has been very patient. Hey, Anthony, how are you my friend? Thanks for your time with your call, Dan. I'm glad to hear from you again. I hope you feel better man. Thanks. I've been watching TV's and they've had a series on call the dictators playbook and every step of addiction stable Democratic Party has been playing along with it from universal healthcare to guarantee universal income. Businesses. And I think people ought to be prepared because. About twenty twenty two freedom is going to be ended in America. Well, I'll tell you what it's what what happens with the democrat. Primary would happens. What the party overall that is going to be very very telling. And I it's do you worry about the Republicans. Yeah. I do. It's a lot of people have been exposed this last couple of years, and it's a lot of this. These wounds are self inflicted, and they don't have to be. But I really. What are you think about Paul Ryan bailing out almost all we had two years of changing the country around? And then all of a sudden Paul Ryan bills on us. Well, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I you know, I do consider Paul Ryan a friend number one. But I've gotten a lot of calls people are very very frustrated with them. And and they've used stronger words than you have. So I feel bad about that. And it's I wish there was more backbone within the Republican party. I do wish that people need to procure man. That's all I wanted to say, thanks. Anthony, you're right. It's strange times a common. And if you look at the all the latest surveys socialism is now, yo yeah. The sounds like a great idea yet. Nobody wants to really pay attention to Venezuela. Venezuela right now. It's surreal to me. It's very very odd. Thank you my friends. They have a good day. Appreciate the call seven hundred nine eleven thirty toll free eight hundred three eight nine four seven six. Let's go to Chuck online three's been very very patient. Hey, chuck. Hey, man. Appreciate your time praying for you caregiver we need you. We need to be. Well, I was just looking at the Pearl between stone, and what happened here in Milwaukee years ago with Chisholm using the Nazi Gestapo tactics coming in the middle of the night reading someone's home and poor guy. Probably didn't even get a chance to trust. They put handcuffs on and took them away. I'm sorry. This is looks like Nazi Germany. Well, I'm not going to go that far. I'm not gonna say that. And let me let me give you a little inside scoop a little inside truth. When you start poking and poking at law enforcement, you're poking at the special prosecutor, and you're poking at US attorneys, guess what they're not going to be very friendly. And and they listened to everything you say a little threatening. If you get a little. You know, maybe you're crossing the line a little bit. They're not going to respond to that. Well, they're not gonna treat you with K gloves. I'm sure I'm sure that you know, it's probably no brainer. But maybe did cross the line a little bit. Well, I think Roger stone's a lot of his wounds are now self inflicted. I mean, he's just gotta shut up and let his attorneys do do the job. Sure. Sure. But I agree with that was a parallel here somewhat with tear in Milwaukee you with Chisholm. As far as the John Doe investigations. Yeah. I wouldn't say it was a Nazi Germany. But I didn't like what I was saying. I'll be brutally honest, and yeah, sure, it's sure. But it it just kind of rub me wrong way. You know, when I when I saw that it reminded me of all that back here, Milwaukee with Chisholm. There you have it, Dan. And we look at all the indictments, and we look at all the counts how many years did they go back. If if they had something to hang their hat on. And when you when you see molar actually, come out and get after the BuzzFeed story like that I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna stop carefully. I'm not going to attack the guy, and you know, I'm not gonna accuse people of Gestapo tactics. You know, it's okay. Get your your honest opinion on that. And and again when you when you poke the tiger, and yeah, not the Tigers gonna swat you back a little bit. And a stone. And stone has poked them quite a few times. Yes. I gotta be very careful myself. Yeah. Absolutely. I wouldn't blame you. If you're a little extra careful and. Chuck. I appreciate the call today. Oh, hey..

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