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Do appreciate the irony, of course of being Chinese and poking fun of the Brits for being stoic because the Chinese are very reserved people as well. However, I've observed the difference that when the Brits when you guys repressed feelings, you tend to go into alcoholism. When the Chinese repressed feelings, we go to work and take over the world. Ironically, something the Brits used to do. Israeli let yourself go. And it's it's nice being here as I said, I grew up in Sweden. So it was very different the Brits. If you're sort of stereotype is that you are reserved. The sweeter stereotype is very much the opposite, very very very open people very free, especially with their sexuality and with their bodies. And I'll tell you. That's your type is very true. Because the first person that I saw naked in Sweden was my teacher. My year four teacher, MRs Johnson. And I'll give you some context we were at the light, oh, swimming and in the changing room instead of putting on clothes. She just decided to walk around in all of her glory. And talking to the kids and making sure that we were all, okay. Ironically, that was the only part of the day that we weren't. But.

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