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Orleans. Saints are trading for New York Giants cornerback ally. Apple all eyes on the one point six billion dollar jackpot for tonight's mega millions drawing after no jackpot winning ticket was sold Friday night. At the Lafayette parish sheriff's office announcing that three people have been arrested in an extortion scam in which cops say they impersonated a detective today on Wall Street before the half hour. The Dow is down thirty seven points make that down sixty eight now NASDAQ down thirteen oil futures are down two dollars and eighty four cents at sixty six fifty two a barrel. And in WWL sports. This beat the Vikings report is brought to you by cool brew the original cold. Brewed coffee since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine this week the saints take on an opponent. They know all too. Well, says saints head coach Sean Payton more of a division game relative to kind of no one would they would they and what we do pensively defensively. The Vikings have won two straight over the saints New Orleans. Pelicans put their high flying record setting offense back on the court tonight at home against the Wall Street Angeles, Clippers the action starts at seven PM in the smoothie King Center. Cushing Garrick WWL sports today on sports talk with Bobby Aaron Christian the saints have acquired quarterback Eli apple from the giants. Do you like the trade or did they give up too much lost the pelicans shot up in the power rankings? Could they maintain their tempo it offensive production, then at seven twenty two lane Tuesday with brainwave head coach Willie Fritz up beginning at four on the home of the saints and LSU WWL..

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