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First of all going at drake is sort of like bullying because he's not the you know he's not that guy he's not the aggressor guy he's not a straight guy but he's never the aggressor no points on going on yeah but then when you get body makes it even worse the other thing and i'm back out a militia rock drake makes emotional music right he makes music that you're gonna feel yeah if you stop and take a listen i don't care if drink singing i don't care if drink wrapping when he focused when he serious you philly that that makes a big difference when it comes to battling because he just went on a smooth jazz hip hop can give played everywhere can get played everywhere and he's focused and he set a mood or tone from the fairness dollars and that's what people you're up against this dude does this you don't say does this music thing be grammy nominated hey drake is demand the dow route what's your feel about a little thought it was i thought it was dope that he did it and did it so quick quilt pushes album drop thursday at midnight drake drop the song around fast six pm yesterday on his release date real quick he didn't take nineteen months like push it to respond that's how long it took he turned into a ghost for many you forgot push why they campaign if hillary wow and one thing about the way he started to dissipate was tight it's like like he was.

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