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Keep really thought he was on the verge of bankruptcy. And he was gonna lose it all everything he had worked his life towards. And he joined to be chapter, and and through that being I chapter e started generating tons of business and today, he has it was a moving and storage yet one truck, no storage location today. He has multiple storage locations to offices in two different states, and a dozen trucks are more and your stories like that where somebody not only survives a recession, but the rides during recession your store like that. And it's it's life changing. That's that's the kind of story that you can see transformation. I'm glad to hear those stories. That's that's awesome. We hear so many negative stories that the fact that being I guess to share those among its ranks here. That's pretty powerful. I I have to believe that the early days for you similar to him had been a little bit difficult. And then now you get to where you are you look around. You've got milestones that in my eyes might show you that you've made it so to speak, right? How does that feel? How does can you think back to that those early days and see a path or is it just all kind of like here? I am now. No, I think there was a path. I'm first of all I tell people I'm a twenty year overnight success. Twenty years because people think I remember people thought I was just incredibly successful. You know, ten years independent. I know that I was just barely making ends meet. I mean, we were we were successful. But we weren't wildly successful one of the reasons for as I was pouring money back into the company to grow. And it really truly took me twenty years. I lived in the same house before I started being I. For nineteen years. So I started being I I lived in this house for a year. China lived in same house for twenty years before I bought my dream home. And and. The secret to success without hard work is still a secret it. It takes hard work. And so I had a path. I had a goal. I had a whole series of goals I stayed on that path and and achieve some level of success. I think one of the reasons for that. And I see a lot of business people that they don't get this. You want to be successful in business to six things of thousand times not. Thousand six times most businesses do a thousand six times they keep jumping around from one bright shiny object to another. And I'm here to tell you if you want to chief success, you gotta figure out what are the key success factors in that business. And then you got to be a dog with a bone, and I'm a dog with the bone. I may not be the when I walk into our room. I know I may not be the smartest guy in there. I may not be the most talented guy in there, but I can tell you. I'm almost always the most persistent guy in that room. And so you got to figure out what your strengths are run with those and do six things times. And so I didn't quite know exactly where I'd be. But I had I had a path ahead of vision. Dan, the torpedoes full speed ahead. There you go. Six things of thousand times. That's good powerful Ivan. Do you have a favorite storytelling platform stage? Books videos, stage deja state. I I can do it. This. I tell the same stories in a book, it's different by the way, towing a story in a book is different. I'll give you an example. I have a great story. It's an old football story that I've used for decades. When I was in high school football. And I tell this story and any in the story I recorded the story. So that I can put it into a book. And it didn't work without editing because you say things in a story that verbally don't work in writing, for example, when I met a I I had an opportunity to see the Los Angeles Rams in person full regalia. I was on the field. They walked out in my story on stage. I would say, and they were that big well that big doesn't work in a book. So I I actually had to change what I said, you know, and I changed my story. So I could write about it. And then now what I do as I say imagine that door frame with a helmet. So now, that's visual. Imagine the door frame with the helmet that works change your story in writing versus on stage. But I I love onstage because you get immediate feedback that you don't get in a book. You don't get that immediate feedback. Yeah. I think that's I mean just for me. I think that's where I'm leaning over the years. I love beyond the stage. I don't I I understand some people really fear public speaking. But I also just don't get it. It's just so much fun. It is fun. But you've gotta practice, and it's frightening to stand up there and have everyone, you know, watching you. I get a good friend of mine, Andy any LaPorta wrote the book title is and death came third, and it's based on a survey of people as to what they're most afraid of. Speaking was number one death was three. Dime was the third thing that were most afraid of. But speaking was number one, and he talks about the importance of speaking. And how you're in good improve your your business, whatever it is by learning. How to tell stories and speak. Man, gray stuff. I've and this has been absolutely incredible before I let you go. I wanna know my final questions my favorite. I want to know that if you consider yourself a storyteller, this may be difficult. But if somebody said you tomorrow Ivan, you cannot tell any more stories professional, you're done. You can't base storyteller. What would you laugh story be that? You'd wanna go out on. Why don't know if you have enough time for it? Sure. Absolutely. If you do. Well, I think probably one of the funniest stories. Is very meaningful story in my presentations would be and I'll give you context. I'm it's a presentation I do where I talk about. Practicing your networking and that it's it's so critical the practice, and I say the audience don't worry about making mistakes. You will it's inevitable. You're gonna make mistakes move forward. Do all the things that I've talked about for the last hour in my speech. Do all of these things you're gonna make mistakes you work it out as you go to worry about making mistakes. And then I tell a story about a mistake that I made on live television. Is back nineteen ninety five and nineteen ninety-five live television was live. I mean live. It was it was before Janet Jackson and the infamous. Clothing incident, you know, the wardrobe malfunction function yet now everything is taped delayed, but back then it was all live. And so my pulse is called me. And she said, you know, I just had a new book come out of months earlier. And she said, I have a great interview for you. It's called the Fairfield county exchange. It's in Connecticut. But it's a really really big show threat Connecticut, and they'd like you to come in and talk about networking should grant them in. She said, but it's live. She said, no, no, it's live. So whatever you say is gonna go out on the air. And they have like I don't know what it was like a million viewers. Are you can't that? I'm like, why was okay? You better this now, she said, well, you know, you gotta you gotta know what you're getting too. I'm like, okay. I can do that. So she's okay fine. So. I'll bring you an old. There's one of the things she said, you gotta do something visual to the visual visual when I going to run up and down the aisles pass business cards. You the networking expert? You gotta come up with some visual. So I'm like, okay, fine. So I came up with Dan, it was the dumbest idea the tools to network, and I went out and bought this little toolbox. And I put business cards car card box and baggage and all the stuff to network with. And I knew it was lame. But I didn't have anything else. And so I had to come up with something. And what I decided I would do is. I would I actually I asked my director said what do you think if I do a little magic trick? Because I am unsure magician. I am amateur magician. What if I do a little magic trick? And he said, well, what do you have in mind? So maybe I have the the host. I'll say I'll ever hold up a copy of my book. And when when I hold up a copy of my book when she holds up a copy of my book say we'll get cheerful. She'll say why house because that's hot and I'll do so magic tricky. And you've seen magicians flame comes out of their hands. A little magic trick a whole bookable from plane come out. He said. He said that that's good. So I just wanted to do it. So I go in. I'm ready to do this interview. I know I have a stupid thing with the toolbox, and I have a good ending. And I'm waiting for the interview we're in a big room the green room waiting and this guy walks by dressed as. A police officer. And then some guy walks by dresses, a native American and then somebody walks by dresses, a construction worker and in the green room, so because that looks like the village people now this is one thousand nine hundred ninety five and we're like, no that's not the village people. Really? And so we're watching the show live and they get on for commercial break, and they say as in. Axed on the Fairfield county exchange. Bellied people duck arriving Meisner to talk about network. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I go on after the village people just going to be so embarrassing. So to get that flame. You have something which called flash paper, which is like cotton. If you put more in bigger flame. So I thought okay good. I'm gonna put just a little bit more of that stuff. Big plane. So I watched the village people go out there again were incredible everybody standing and dancing and singing. And I'm like, oh my God. I go on next. I'm going to put just a little bit more stopping. And then of course, what's the last on that the village people? Do I assume YMCA? Camera pans out to the audience the entire audience is doing this see. Like, so embarrassing toolbox thing and to make this big I'm gonna put just a little bit more that stuff. So they're running over time. Producer comes in goes Mayes Meisner who's Meisner. That's me. Okay. Look village people ran late. You're going to have to come in. And you'll only have a couple of minutes to get my up and talk to the host. And you're gonna be on just a few minutes on second place. More. So we go out there. And I say to the host a man and woman the woman was going to do the interview. I said, look, I'm. I'd like you to hold up a copy of my go replacing we hold up a copy of my book. I'm going to say at that moment. The director came up and said, no, no, no. I don't wanna holding up a copy of the book. It's too much the book Jay peg on screen. You can't hold up a copy of the book and she walked away and see the blood drain for my face because that was my big close. And so the hostess God bless her. The host. What do you wanna do? I sell. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Would you? Hold up a copy of my book. Now while I'm doing some big burly guys putting a microphone on me. And I'm trying to have this conversation with her now the microphone is on. And I say hold up a copy of my book. And when you hold up a copy of my book, I'm going to. So I never got the say what I was going to do and the director came up again. And she said, hey to ice it cushy national could hear me on Mike. She said, hey, you said she can't hold up a copy of the book and you're on live in four three. No, don't worry about it. I'll just do whatever you want somebody. Okay, fine. So we get to the end of my interview, she being the consummate professional. She was held up a copy of my book. I said oh careful she's advise that I said because that's hot. And I went, and I maybe put a little too much stuff in thing. Because it went.

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