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Where you can customize your own set of head covers so be on the lookout for listeners out there. Vince is about five ten. Maybe a buck eighty five. I don't know he typically okay all right and honestly you don't look you don't look one hundred eighty five pounds man. I mean maybe yeah. I don't know but most of the hockey players i played with have been lefties and events. Plays righty which is which is pretty cool. So we're lined up at. Pike were national. And vince absolutely smothers and smashes drive. And i think i look at him and i'm like dude. That's pretty pretty. Well hit i think it was number seven five update hill tailor-made driver. I believe is what you had. What are you hit now. Still have that sim. I just ordered the same too but pronounced in the ceremony. And what about your irons irons. Right now mizuno. Mp twenty everybody's loving these all their phenomenal. I love him. i just got him Now it's been eight months ago. I got him undergone there so we were just was somebody that they order mizuno irons and i feel like everyone's starting to use lions. They're coming out of the woodwork. Kepco apparently is playing. Zuma's do that now. I think the taylormade driver. This the i haven't had the same one m five but now i went over to that title is again very look innocent too but yeah buddy thing it might you know. It doesn't really matter for events bottom on his to sixty straight is to six straits. What the hell's the matter right. After i mean at the end of the day i you know it's all about hitting the fairway for me. I love that approach. I wish i could hit the fairway. Select all right. Let's let's talk a little hockey here so you. If i recall correctly it was in november of was at twenty nineteen now two thousand eighteen of twentieth of two thousand eighteen folks. Vince was jason. A.

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