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His his dna aim was mutated to make him the perfect criminal and yet is still identical to judge dredges jay i'd rather they have a radical dna it's just that rico got all of the recess jeans and judge dredd got all of the dominant g twins were giant they still make him a judge though like why first of all why was he they cried criminal but also like why why would they make him a charge he was supposed to bring balance to the force saw but he ended up not having the high gmo we totally did have the high ground highly lose i dunno going back to and sat out to the science magazine physically painful to watch you were obviously not doing that night correctly because it was great for me because i was already half a bottle of vodka thrill when i got really at hand of the night i think i was too and that really really sucked in exile integral sought to the next day all eyes i actually really enjoy diane lanes character in the beginning whereas like like she's she's like a split gives street judge but isn't like nearly as leverage obviously not a seasoned as dread is but in like a way where she's like she's trying to keep the rookies head down she's trying to be like a good good good mentor like a good example and like keeps that up for most of the movie like falls the law when she things dread broke the law but when presented with evidence unlike a lot of the other people in the fucking movie like it's like a ha.

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