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Let's just say some teams have the ability to evaluate players before the fifth year option gets picked up say today's Kansas City chiefs. Move which you could have etched in stone. Mr Sharpie years years ago that they were going to pick up the fifth year option. Patrick which became official today after game one homemade or or after his start. When are they ever in his rookie season in week? Seventeen in Denver. They're gonNA have to figure that out Clark. Starting now there's no doubt about it and farve knows exactly what's going on which is why. I think that was news. Yesterday is because we all feel it and sense it and the packers have opened this. Pandora's box the question is does love have the ability to get through all this? The mental toughness that Rogers did and become like Rogers or he's been compared physically homes. If that happens then all this conversation will have just been that conversation if not then it is absolutely what my English teacher used to call a harbinger sign of things to come. That's why obviously farve made news here yesterday because everybody senses what he has to say is the truth that Rogers might finish somewhere else. He finished my sentence for me. Far didn't let me finish the question. You know what was coming and also said that it's not rodgers job to mentor Jordan. Love which I will play that sound bite for Dion Sanders later and I know that directly Indians wheelhouse kind of like a league. Guterman lefty lefty pitch back in spring training that he raked for a triple right and dion hot zone. That'll be later on when he also precedes. Matthew mcconaughey but coming up next one of the news. Makers because he makes the picks for the Los Angeles Raiders my Buddy Mike. Mayock live on.

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