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Just I had a okay now it's time for the speed dial folks this is a fun site we just rapidly ask you questions and leave a comment Facebook page or follow along we'll go to drew to match the Korea Percy them back to me okay first question about eight here at night the Tigers MVP the offense of an. three games to time to worry I don't know but Tigers MVP for twenty nineteen season sure go ahead it cast yeah Zimmerman Niko good. Miguel. I will Shane Greene I think that this bull pen is gonna be a huge catalyst rest moving for I think the the first three stars at least in trial of an fantastic it's the ball but it's gonna step up big for us the pistons and V. P. after this really is Blake Griffin BG twenty three Lakers. brown. I'm kidding to Andre Drummond just because you don't like to be different Andres my of the lions MVP for the twenty nineteen twenty twenty season drew Carey on Johnson and with Kenny gala day it's hard to go against Kerry on this year. yeah I think it's got to be staffer I think that this team goes nowhere without him I think Matt Stafford gonna break out your biggest NBA draft busts in our lifetime. go ahead. Anthony Bennett being by a second ago Darko Miller church. Kwame brown. certified scrub I'm gonna be different and Odin design of initial. he was injured but still I I just had to be diverted to. yeah Hey I'm I'm. tackle falls be drafted he had a great game gets do seven one seven six seven seven. what's the question yes yes yes yes for sure he'll get Jeff you can't pass up on a seven foot six guy yeah. to talk of potential yeah first or second round made first second early second not why I would take a late first. late first early second for me as well best to gain you have seen live in this with the final one best game you have seen live. and for I was a young Buck at the time it was game five of the Eastern Conference semis Chauncey at half court shot triple overtime we lost though. I would have to say I use a I saw Steph curry play at Ford field in a way I think it was during the March madness she'd be Wisconsin very I am. not sure this is correct but he'd be Wisconsin and almost very nearly be can't decide that was when I knew was going to be a lead in this and the NBA he was amazing that Davis and those those two games of my best performances ever seen live. pistons back no four.

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