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Would you blame them. You know i would you blame him so It was a great night there in chicago. I remember i remember the crowd. We weren't sure of the crowd was gonna react badly. They reacted big time. They're ready for chris jericho. Well this. big countdown finally pays off in the middle of the rocks. Promo boy. You wanna talk about getting thrown into the deep end. You're gonna go one on one on the microphone with iraq. This is a this is a real life test. Here is it not. Yeah yeah absolutely and also how do you. What is your demeanor. You look like you belong. you look like you're in the same Level as joint. Johnson and chris had that confidence that i can be a main event guy. I can work with rock. I can work with all stuck worked. Anybody and he could and he did so I thought it was phenomenal. Way to fantastic. Rita introduce him and he stood toe-to-toe with rock in that little promo battle and a lot of guys is very intimidated with a full house. There in chicago. there it wasn't rosa. What is it. Call now. A allstate arena. Yeah yeah yeah. So a in their man and he proved to get into deep water slim. Let's mention to that Well i guess we just wanna context when we saw when we last saw jericho in. Wcw where he's frustrated with creative. beating perry saturn in a loser. Where's address match and now he's interrupting the rocks promo. That's a pretty big difference. Yeah lexcen middle seat. Coach are getting that al seat first class or a private jet. That's better even showed you belong. That's what we wanted so we needed to see. Do you belong in the same age with the rock. And he looked like he'd been there forever. Unfortunately there is no real follow through or follow up on that moment with the rock He gets into a quick view against road. Dogg xbox ken shamrock and really the biggest thing of note is you guys give him a quote unquote heater mr hughes. I'm curious from your perspective where it is courtesy us come from in this jericho package. Well the fan of kurdish use a not for a long time. I used to kidney about. He was defensive tackle for a kansas state. Wildcats and of course being a maslakh you a You know kind of proud of my team sooners. You're proud of your team. That's crimson tide sir I used to call in the mile. Cats m. i. l. d. cats and he laughed a good good natured. Guy you know. He almost got fired after wrestlemania nine because he fell asleep in the air and coach and chief. Jay strongbow cities high. All of that guy. We got i got to tell caesar caesar course events we gotta get rid of this guy he. He derived to that conclusion by sitting cross the way with his wife and me. You'd five at connecticut. And there was curtis on the other side knows and all until we found out he had a he had a sleep disorder narcolepsy. Whatever they called up arden. Wrong but curtis curtis battle through it. And i like curtis. I don't know that. Chris needed a heater. That was this kind of trend at that time. You know diesel mccain shawn michaels heater. This guy's got a heater. I don't know where that came. Oh the heater ricky. Major league So i i didn't think we needed it but look if it had clicked better bigger than i win. Jericho's getting special treatment getting handled creatively. Well so The curtis is a good guy. Curtis getting ready to write a book which should be very entertaining economic. He wants me or to it. But it's interesting you know. He was corrected he was a black man and an orlando white decision. Makers and so. I got time for kurdish shoes by just didn't think that was the cashing for him. He should have been a big monster heel on his own. In my opinion it doesn't last long. He's going to come. And go in this jerko package pretty quickly and then howard finkel winds up being lackey and frankly this isn't the top level guy run. He probably envisioned when he's interrupting the rock after this big millennium man countdown. In the rumor and innuendo at the time was he wasn't being given rave reviews of his work and allegedly one of his biggest critics behind the scenes was triple h. And we've heard a lot over the years that even if you come in to the world wrestling federation which was time of course if you didn't work. The wwf style candidate matter in terms of well you know. This guy was over in japan or he was over in mexico or he was over in. W w well they didn't exist. Conrad the story was there was a different style and you had to learn the wwf style. Do you agree with that. Or was that just nonsense. I think he needed to learn the ww f. e. whatever you wanna throw in their field the atmosphere of the society of wwe. Yet i understand. There are certain things you could. You should do. Should not do there. and i think i just i don't know i a i don't know triple h didn't like him because he's shorter and his hand and some somebody's are gonna get They're gonna get you know. Figure out what he's what he's all about. And all that stuff. But i our off that i thought for guys smartest. Paul eveque is i saw. He's getting better issues. Which is great you know. He's so smart insi- calling the name of the cerebral this on a on an entrance. This love you. That's good shit. That was one of my favorite things he said to me years. That's good shit of good shit..

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