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Guy frustration. I'm competitive. I look at it as just bring in. We'll competition what lsu every year we bring in dollars so nominal. This come in compete. Do what i have to do. Just keep moving guy. Eight is your job. Taking like i keep keep inconsistent consistent. Just keep moving things taken these. Nfl receiver coup. This thing is learning stuff. From our steve roberts. He was protective we lined up by learning different routes in out run. Those things i think is helping all our game as a running back union. Did you going around to during the off season. Yes yes always always just individually or combined. Often she's blind and learning restrictions because behind that chemistry. Like i think it's a little different since we just put on past. They offer they put on pass. I think the field is going to be a little different and you know we gotta keep building. That's why we got trying to count to keep on building the move from their relation pilot after hours. At least with you guys. I'll take our relationship. Pretty much to say i mean we kinda close since we. I'm in leading any league. Now of you know we always together. We eat together. We do pretty much everything together. You see us walking. We all together and i mean that's my brother and my brother can't train about comradery right buildings well cranks in front door. You don't have dustin anymore. But as anybody i into the fun when you're off he'll here building. I never seen nobody get prank yet but As far as the chemistry coterie brought his head. We eat together. We do everything together. We all in the same room. We all sleep around each other and all buildings iraq being around each other every each and every day every second every support.

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