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Also nets you what Capcom is calling an exclusive trailer only for those who finish the demo. You can watch the trailer as many times as you want resident evil two is out January twenty fifth on PS four XBox on N P C got one shot up to most forgetting I am now. The sounds like it makes sense based on the title of it being one shot demo. This sounds like it's the same demo we played it. He three it does sound like that demo was time to thirty minutes. So they just took the bills and put the code out on the internet. Exciting stuff for people. I'm not replaying this again now, I know is is like champion bits. Trailer. Yeah. So he's ready. We're so close to that. And then four days later. It's real. Are you kingdom hearts for it? No. But I really do want to check out. Okay. Arthur played kmarts too. I won't point to capture of stuff. Good. So I played the entirety of that. So I'm kind of caught up. Not really no one's ever really a bunch of people on my friends list over the weekend. Playing kingdom hearts like one point five. Yeah. Gotta get ready. Goofy is up to exactly getting getting warmed up. Story. Three blizzard has quietly confirmed. Another LGBTQ overwatch hero this right of comes from Ashley over at polygon in a new short story, titled bast blizzard entertainment confirms that soldier Seventy-six. Aka Jack Morrison is the second LGBTQ character in the overwatch universe. Former sniper on it comes across a wounded social seventy six in the streets of Cairo and takes him back to her hideout. It's the first time they've been reunited since the explosion rocked the overwatch headquarters in Switzerland. Neither of them knew the other one was alive for sure. Until now, she catches a glimpse of him going through photos and sees an old one of him with the dark haired man named Vincent. The announcement comes a little over.

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