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Month that I can afford so I can't get it. So look, look, It's even during a pandemic. It's like we might have predicted. The big guys are trying to find every possible way to squeeze us for every last dollar and well, people will people be used now working out of their homes. When Cove it starts to go away. And companies say Hey, come on, back to work. I don't know how many people will want to do that. Yeah, You're absolutely right. I The experts who've looked at this, the one with the human factors folks and the people that under understand office office homework relationships, and let's say that we'll never get back. So where we were, you know, obviously a lot of people going to be going backto officers. It may not be everyday though it may only be certain days of the week. There could be a satellite offices now instead of having everybody driving back to big central buildings. It has changed now and the you know, we hear new normal a lot, but But that's the reality. The old normal is not the way it's going to be like to be owning commercial real estate right now, Lauren before you know, you look in cities like New York where they have the know the giant office bill. My gun should I don't know how they're ever going to fill them again. I mean, you can never say never But so much has been based on everybody driving in or otherwise using transport to get into the central location. And it's It's kind of ironic in a way because for so many years, people have talked about remote work. And it took a virus to actually make it happen. You got that? Right? Lauren, Thanks for your input. Always appreciated. Amy Cockney Barrel has been sworn in as the latest Supreme Court justice at ceremonies at the White House tonight, she took her constitutional oath. The Supreme Court said in a press release that she will be able to start her new role after Chief Justice John Roberts administers sure, Judas Saloth on Tuesday as well. Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath at the Monday night ceremonies at the White House. United States is warning it will destroy potential Iranian long range missile shipment's delivered to the Maduro regime in Venezuela, according to a senior official. They are going to get tough on that situation. Ah, long time pilot photographs, mysterious orange orbs and daytime skies over North Carolina's mountains. Incredible story there. What else is going on in the skies? Let's check in with Dr Sky Stephen Kate, say, Stephen, What do we have this week? Hello, George. We have a jam packed edition here and we talk about the moon as we talk about astronomy, some important information on this Saturday's Halloween Full blue moon. George. Here we go with Moon 101 Education for a moon to be officially known as full lie exactly 180 degrees from the sun and this last actually, for a very short time. We actually get a true alone on Halloween and all the way night for most of the Western atmosphere, the moon George will lie in the constellation areas and will be full at 9:49 A.m. Eastern daylight time. 6:49 A.m. Pacific Daylight time but most of servers, of course we'll see the moon on the evening of the 31st Halloween night. Not seen as a full Halloween full moon since 1940 foreign while zones of the U. S. This is incredible. And George, You missed this one plan on seeing jotted down October the 31st Halloween of 2039 these repeat in the 19 year period. It has to do with advanced physics of how the moon moves. But this moon George is also unique and that it will be a micro moon the farthest of over full moans of 2020 position we call apogee and some 252,000 miles distant. As opposed to the super perigee full moon that we had. But on April the eighth when it was 221 100,000 miles away, But the next closest full perigee moon, who's something fascinating, George. Well, the car on the night of May 26 2021. Yes, next year and guess what we get. We get to see a total lunar eclipse on that night two. Wow. Now, George, we shift the space with an important lunar discovery. NASA announced today an important discovery made by the NASA Sofia aircraft That's the aircraft that we reported and had a lot of fun, George a couple of years ago, you and Tommy were on that one. So it was great. That was one of the best flight of my life, and we hope to do it again. But the recent revelation is that water molecules exist on the surface of the sunlit side of the moon. And that's a team, of course, detected water molecules from a region of a large crater Tyco near the large crater, Clavius and this, of course, done in the infrared region of the spectrum, in which the Sophia does look through into space. His great news and provides for future manned missions, potentiality of producing and harvesting water. That's his Artemus missions in 2024 beyond, but we wrap it up, George with a live sky gets set. The Great Pumpkin Halloween Full Blue moon on Saturday as we talked about, but until then, observers right now, if you have a clear sky, give us Moon George looks like an egg shaped bones high in the sky. But in binoculars look at the lower part of the moon Impact crater. Tyco. We're all this water molecule area has been found. I gather easier to see in the lower left area of the moon. You can see it's the area of the movement has the giant ray system that looks like a big naval of an orange. Was allegedly hit by an impact of an asteroid 108 million years ago. First mapped in.

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