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So, but we got to give you some weather here because it's pretty important. That's the, but I think that's the big news story of today and tomorrow is gonna be this weather. Here's your forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center, Tuesday today, wind chill warning in effect temperature zero to five below at daybreak slowly climbing to low single digits and then falling back two zero two five below by the evening Tuesday night, intensely cold overnight, record low temps from twenty eight below in the suburbs to twenty below downtown with wind chill readings becoming life-threatening dipping as low as fifty below for tomorrow. Record-setting bitterly cold continues air. Eric bitterly cold air continues to stream across the midwest. Daytimes reading stay in the double digits below zero wind chills between forty and fifty below for Thursday, frigid temps early rise to near zero by evening chance of light snow or flurries late and then Friday. Finally, breaks mostly cloudy and a high near twenty. It's currently eight degrees at O'Hare midway nine at the lakefront. All right. Let's take a quick break. And then we'll jump right back into the topic here, and we'll hear from you. Call or text at three one thousand nine hundred seventy one hundred the best debut albums of all time talking music here this morning on WGN vortex Leakey's here against the all time lows of twenty seven below and the records back in nineteen sixty six in terms of could be the coldest year. Mass certainly among them that we've ever seen here in the city. Dangerous wind chills closings and cancellations. Tune in for the latest temperature up to eight times killings latest weather, forecast and tips and conversations of how to get through. The Chicago winter is trending now on seven twenty WGN..

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