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Two exactly what they've done and if he got to be you it there is no way in the world that you would've ever come up with any other explanation or or any other verdict than what was there you might notice that collins is clear in his conviction and yet too little guarded he has good reason william virgil is suing campbell county and the newport police department for wrongful imprisonment collins is walking a line trying to be candid while not saying something that might be held against his department at the civil trial still he says he welcomes the looming trial because he thinks it'll cleared the department altogether if we ever real justice system it'll happen in the civil trial and i and i believe in that wholeheartedly because the in things always happen for a reason and you don't just get away with murder very rarely in i i really believe i wouldn't be doing this about it and believe in what we've done they because i'll tell you have a civil trial once again and on being repetitious but there's going to be things come out there so many things you talk about that you're not held to that standard he's right about standards judges in criminal trials are much less likely to allow police to talk about some leads that may be turn out to be flimsy but in a civil case a judge might be more lenient to allow an officer to explain why he chased this leader that as of this recording the civil cases in the deposition face witnesses are being interviewed under oath a trial date could come yet this year but we aren't holding our breath still were eager to learn what said in the depositions some of what's ask will no doubt be reminiscent of bits of the original trial because patten the defence lawyer did take officers to task for their process.

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