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Auto At 8 28 And it's traffic and leather on the aids now Jack Taylor in the traffic center Oh my gosh All right it's been about four hours but we're about to open all the lanes on the beltway stayed highway crews from Maryland as you head down toward the American legion bridge have just a few more cones to pick up from the far left lane but all the travel lanes are once again open on the outer loop on the American legion bridge Just before the bridge again M dot will be the last to clear from the far left lane all the absorbance but put down from the diesel fuel spill that occurred in the 4 o'clock hour this morning the delays stretching back into rock fill on two 70 south from shady grove topside outer loop from New Hampshire avenue Everybody headed toward the legion bridge against state highway would be the last to clear from the far left lane but otherwise lanes now open on the bridge In the delay on the outer loop after George avenue there'd been a wreck along the left side still jammed south of town around branch avenue as you head across the Wilson bridge local lanes on the bridge there was a crash along the right side 50 had been slow coming out of Bowie going westbound near 7 O four We'd had reports of a crash Trouble now getting out of new market ride in 70 east before you get to mount airy 1 may have rolled over Authorities are headed to the scene there for the crash One 44 is closed between Lincoln or road and quin Orchard road out toward Frederick a medevac helicopter was requested to the scene lanes were blocked at the crash North on the BW Parkway the wreck after one 97 had just a left lane getting by We're very slow in Virginia leaving the Springfield interchange to go north on three 95 headed in the express lanes up near duke street You're going to find unfortunately just the left lane getting by an earlier wreck and vehicle fire 66 headed west after the fairfax county Parkway there's a crash there taking the right lane Reports of a wrecking falls church on 7 westbound just before the beltway We had two fender benders hopefully both cleared it sounded minor east on 66 after not least street had been along the far right side of the roadway Coming down into the district new trouble D.C. two 95 southbound down near east capital street erect takes the left lane caller reports a crash on the freeway east as you come off the 14th and the case just before you get to the third street tunnel there's an incident there taking away the far right lane 9th street south had been closed between I and H streets that was ongoing utility work Jack Taylor W TOP traffic Mike's Jennifer's got the forecast for us A mixture of cloud cover and sunshine today a little warmer high slow to mid 40s Overnight some patchy fog glows from 25 to 30 and partly to mostly.

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