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Wasn't Dennis the closer? No, there was nothing. Or a relative of Dennis. But they made up a nice little song for Santiago. It was absolutely crushing it right now. We will have a discussion about him. Potentially being the best Mexican of the moment later on in the show, but potentially. About how you doing, my man. I'm doing okay. I had a great weekend. Tons of soccer, and I'm ready to talk about it. Yes, we'll talk Mexican soccer as well. Mexican stars. We're going to have a we're going to have to talk about uterus. What happened at playing chibas? Does that game say more about what's going to say something? The giant killer. Oh, well yeah. Yeah. Played twice in one season? 6 points, not bad at all. Also, yes, talking about Mexican players. We will discuss who is the best number 9 right now available for the U.S. men's national team. We have someone who played actually in that spot, talk about he'll bring a ranking for us. Make sure to download the football Americas podcast, whatever. You get your podcast and you forgot to say how to set. And I'm not gonna let you. I'm not gonna leave. I'm not gonna leave. Leave him be, let him do his he's watching, you know. Right now. You know, he's a watcher. He's got bigger fish to fry. He knows we love him. So shout out to the whole family watching over there. I would love to bring you some MLS highlights to start a show. As for now, I'm just going to say we can not do that. But however, still negotiating the

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