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Black people's relationship the white people on another black person yes do it i mean it it it lays the slavery problem at the foot of what the of what we would classically call on uncle tom i think you're right that the academy was really uncomfortable was trying to wreck in with stephen and calvin candy and their relationship and what that meant and to to to identify it would have been a real issue um so i think you're right it's a bomber though the two of them are so good there and they make that movie in a way that christoffel it's dozen chris of alters great he's always great does the same thing is doing the same performance in every movie is like a new brand and not to be trusted until he is i think we've figured about yes supporting actress a some of the uh aiming at homes amy added given the master although arod it's the best acted you're gonna see in a movie just almost puree id i mean either laura dern in our wincing on the porches let's say one thing and rami malik romney malik is really good this thing in hathaway not winning would have been the best thing that can happen her career i you know i i'd i'd has crazy is at this agree i'm going to ride for in had the i think she's good and this is now widely kkob party won when antiinflammatory it happened um i think one i'm going to ride for her acceptance speech which was wise relied at the time and i thought was nice i thought it was nice to and peace largest ashes aspirational that is your whole thing is gene wants it she has a pro inversely and that's okay it's okay to want to be great she tries really hard and winched when it hits i think she's excellent it she's lincoln movie since then yeah markkula santi the day after wrote a really great thing for ground than about wanting and how much you wanted it in its re oily ari your ambitious say a did the ambition become a bad quote well i think for a.

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