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In. I am broadcasting in the mile high city yet Denver, Colorado. I have to say they're supposed to snow in a couple of days. Luckily, it's beautiful, and I had a chance to check out red rocks and some of the amazing areas in Denver if you ever go go to larimer square. It's basically the downtown area. And you get a lot of sense of the history of Denver, Colorado. You speaking of history Donald Trump trying to make history of his own the president as you heard there on the US stocks and the China tariffs, and what's happening there with the one hundred days. So the boom was lowered the president's top trade negotiator and the US, of course, planning to raise tariffs on Chinese goods. We've talked about that before accusing the Chinese of backpedaling on commitments that they made during negotiations. So the reneging is going to cost. But what is it? Gonna cost you the consumer. And what is it going to cost the companies ultimately that would be thrown back down on to us? So the the trade talks are gonna still continue, and I guess the Chinese delegation will visit Washington on Thursday and Friday, but the discussions have not gone in the right direction. One of the things that they've said in the last couple of weeks is significant issues are just unresolved so terrorist will have to remain in place. If that's the case and over the weekend, it became pretty clear that China was pulling back on language in the text on a number of issues. So they're down to the nitty gritty Treasury Secretary. Steve Mnuchin said at a briefing in Washington, this this potentially could dramatically change the deal, and the US, of course, is not willing to renegotiate previous commitments and the Newson said that ninety percent of the pact, which is so crazy had been finalized. So it really looked like it was going in the right? Direction. And again, I talk about here on the show. Why do you care what these terrorists are would affect you based on some of your buying power? And what you ultimately shop for an and pick up. So, you know, you've you've got tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. It'll go to twenty five percent from ten percent. So trust me, this will be passed on. And the president said he'll also impose duties shortly shortly that's the keyword. What does that mean on the three hundred and twenty five billion of Chinese goods that aren't currently covered? And so there's a lot of tensions happening here. What's happening in your backyard in my backyard is lift up. I challenge you to do this. We did this once before a long time ago. The look around your house that what you're buying flip it over and tell me where it's made how much is made in China. And then ultimately how much is that going to be taxed are? It's something personal happened to me over the weekend. And I'm going to share with you the listener. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby come on? Of course, you did you watch the race for the roses. And unfortunately in this run for the roses. What happened was my second. Cousin? John service was the trainer for maximum security. The the the horse that ultimately was declared the winner of the Kentucky Derby, and then it was roll back saying that he impeded a couple of other horses, and then also alternate lately did not win the derby, and they moved up, another horse, etc. And boy, there's been massive reaction to this and people are asking me my opinion, because I put it out all over the place to cheer for my my cousin Jason, and it was pretty exciting to see the horse. Go all the way down the stretch. And then ultimately to have it snagged back. I don't think we're through with these conversations. Although it looks like the appeal has been denied over the Kentucky Derby result. Because one of the things that happened is maximum securities owner decided you know, what we're we're going to. We're going to ask for ruling in this. We're going to appeal it going to peel this doers decision because the stewards looked at it. And that's what they decided so citing arbitrary and capricious acts by race stewards in reviewing Saturday's Kentucky Derby, the owners for maximum security filed that appeal that I mentioned with the Kentucky horse racing commission over the disqualification. They then swiftly denied the appeal citing its position on the finality of the Stewart's ruling. And so that's that's it doesn't go anywhere and maximum securities was ultimately when when it was disqualified was dropped to seventeenth when the ruled that he drifted out of his running lane and impact of the progress of the other horses. Like I mentioned in the race making. Ng second place country house the winner it affected people who had tickets who ultimately was a nine million dollars wing. And there were people that of course, were there the Kentucky Derby, one hundred fifty thousand people you could hear lots and lots of booze. So there still is going to be swatting over this. I think it was the wrong decision. Yes. He's my my family's my cousin. But I I've looked at the findings like everybody else. And I think it was just the wrong decision to make at the wrong time. If it was egregious if it had something to do with those that could have finished, you know, in the winner's circle. But I don't think it did to me it didn't. And I know there's people listening no horse racing who could make an argument on the other side of this Melissa's put it this way. All the people. I've pulled most have agreed with me. You can send me your thoughts there or FAO? What do you think maximum security? Did you watch was this affair ending good? Kate Delaney radio. Dot com. Click on contact and bought a being as I like to say you are in some of you already sent me emails. So I'm going to go to the mail bag coming up next, but one other couple of other quick things because I always talk about the show being more than just a one trick pony. And we talk about what's what I think is buzzing in your backyard, and then my backyard and one of the things I'm sure that might have caught your eye. If you happen to see the story is how about this Miami air, and the fact that crash arrivers get twenty five hundred and an apology. So the operator of the airline is skidded off the runway at naval air station, Jacksonville and into a Florida river last week they've offered that money to each passengers. They're saying as a good will gesture to the people that were involved in that. And this is Miami air international. Again, it rolled off the runway landed at the military base. As the good news is rescuers and boats saved one hundred and forty three people because that's how many were on board. One dog two cats that belong to a military family died in this accident. But otherwise, they the people made it anyway, and this was a plane a Boeing seven thirty-seven from Gitmo crashing into that Florida river, and you know, somebody somebody tapped me on the shoulder and said, did you know that this plane crash that was like not another plane? What are we talking about now? And you didn't have people that have minor injuries. Only one was hospitalized. That was the three month old baby says a precaution. But it's a miracle. Really? Honestly, it's a miracle that you didn't have more people that were were hurt me think the vegetation and. No matter skidding off a runway or whatever happened, which is exactly what I said. You know, the fact that the survival rate is was pretty darn good, obviously with everybody's deriving that for once we've got a good story for you. So the payment doesn't affect by the way, the rights of the passengers and any other way because if anything else happens, but they're offering that twenty five hundred again as a good.

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