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And creating a fulfilling undergraduate experience for their students well and his new book campus confidential how college works or doesn't for professors paris and students jacques berlin blau the director of the centre for jewish civilization that the edmund a wall school of foreign service at georgetown university examines the state of modern academia it's published by melville house professor berlin of who whole separate doctorates in ancient near eastern languages and literature and in sociology joins us now look back to a show pile on our great to be here you're a you'd professor at georgetown does that make it safer for you take this critical look at academia and higher education absolutely i really wanted to use my tenure so i really used it here uh only a tendered professor i feel could write a book like this they would have been dangerous for somebody else would would an assistant professor could not even have the independent thought of conceiving such a tie text uh maybe there are some adjuncts the exploited amongst those that do write books like this when we look at it a little bit different a did you base it see on your own what you'd observed go did you actually do research it's funny this is the i've written seven books this is the first one were i didn't do research in the classic scholarly sense i was reading other people's research i wasn't ser quest erred in an archive somewhere or interviewing people an obscure languages so i was reading other people's research and almost fictionally i was trying to dredge like a say arms these 25 years of bizarre experiences that i've had a as a college professor who what about your experiences as an undergraduate yeah that as well because as an undergraduate i went to and more you right here in the village and i never did find that professor who i wish i might have found road all i have names for these types of characters throughout the book but that person sheer he wasn't there and i aspire to be that person at least for my students with george towns for maybe there's a little bit of a quest in all of us who you the us fighter be what kind of a person a professor of their various types of professors at a discussing the tax law you say that uh humanities scholars are foot heat at ease both of them are all of alama duddy on.

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