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Now nice enough to join us taking some time out of a busy morning. The newest member of the two thousand wind club Lewis is Louie Anthony, Judy on the coin form, thanks for some time this morning. And of course, congratulations. Thank you so much. Thank you into. You want to keep that says? And so yesterday you had a smile on your face from from year to year to tell us what it was like to win number two thousand yesterday. Yeah. You know, it was. That was a, you know, our work. We was you know, working pretty hard elevate. And try to you know, we my much much. We can they and all you know, the best thing. Guy. You know, we we have we had and we. And we gotta keep working hard. Yeah. No question. Did the the pressure didn't seem to get to you. See guys getting close to a milestone, and man they they they can't win a race. And it starts to weigh on. But you just seem to like go bull your way right through. It. Was it like that for you? You know, I I always be like. Kinda and I don't think the March because when you. Worry too much. Thank you know, you can't do it. So that's what I feel. So I you know to be normally, and and they happen. You know? Yeah. That's the best way. I think just just go back to your day. Like, you always do because you you're tremendously successful. I think. The late Bobby Frankel if he still was was alive and training. He would use you all the time. You would be his favorite jockey. I think because of the way that you ride your, and you know, where you are in the race track. All the time. Do you do a lot of preparation? Yeah. You. Yeah. You know? I I worked what column my house? I. Before the Rangers. I like through like, you know, the replay either hor- how how is the best way to you know, who who get into raising. And and yeah, and sometime world, you know, and sometimes it's not like we want. But but. You know, I feel so proud of the forces to you know, who what when we knew Ray, you know, something very special. The form a lot Louis. Yeah. Yeah. We the phone a lot. Yeah. I always tell people I think, I don't know you that. Well that way. But I always tell people you probably gonna make good handicap. But when you retire one day a long time from now. Yeah. Hope. We never know. This is going to be your fourth consecutive year with over two hundred wins you came up to New York fulltime in two thousand thirteen I can't believe you've been here on a on a regular basis now for five years, isn't that five years right around a thousand of those wins doesn't make it more special to do it here and Gulfstream, you know, against these tough tough colonies..

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