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'cause you don't write them all down every time they happened but at that's actually a really good way to validate how often they do happen. Right? Can you share one with me? Oh Gosh. Sure. Let me think well, one I had just a couple years ago. I live in an apartment. With a garage downstairs underneath the building and has a gate and everything and one morning I had a dream that I was living in a house and the house was being broken into or some guy was trying to break in and he was wearing a uniform like some kind of repair guy like he was with the cable company or something. And as I was in the House I had just moved into this house and I was setting up house and I see this guy through the window and I'm like, oh no, he is up to no good and he's not really a cable repair guy I know that he's goping things out 'cause he's trying to break in the house. He's GonNa try to break in the house and then I went around and quickly tried to lock all the doors and windows and sure enough he starts trying to get in the door and I just know he's up to no good. And he's going to try to rob me and I start yelling getaway your you know what I don't remember what I was yelling but I was yelling at him basically the idea to get away and then I woke up with my heart just boom boom boom hounding. And? That for me at least in the last handful of years has been one of my tells as they call it is been. Associated with psychic dream many many times. But at the time you know when your heart's pounding, you just think I just had a a scary dream. I just need to calm down and so I kept trying to calm down and I looked at the clock and it was like six. Am I was like this is ridiculously early. I. Need to go back to sleep. And so. I, I kept trying to go back to sleep and I just could not shake it. I was like why can't I calm down and finally I thought I'm just GonNa look at my phone and tried to distract myself with instagram or whatever. So pick up my phone and I see I have a text which is unusual to have one that earlier in the morning, but I had the sound off and so. I look at my phone and there's a text from the apartment manager saying really sorry to tell you but it looks like your car's been broken into in the garage. Oh..

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