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He's not doing it without me i felt like on a very very situation where we we had the time and usually um you know we're both heard the honours gonna i'm pretty sure find a job here pretty soon he's gonna be busy and i mean it it would be a unique situation but i don't think either of us would turn our knows that it w if it has become a kind of uh well you guys were uh very fun to watch on the season and best of luck with everything coming up by in uh the future thanks so much guys thank you already there you have it alex and connor uh as very to conner without he job as the sea of maybe i have something for a connor affiliate that he'd be a good guy that have around the alex's had him around all these years so we'll see what comes next four for conner i thought alex was going to let him go on him that of alex put his foot down i guess that was part of the deal for living status house for salah all right so that's going to do it for us here talking with the top four teams from the amazing race and of course we're going to have our full amazing race recap cutting up later on thursday night i will get with jessica lease and mike bloom in talk about everything that went on it of course us so much other stuff away it all be big brother and survivor we just dropped a new first one out as well as all of these survivor preview that we have coming in the next couple of days so lenny to do make sure you subscribe rob has a website back on the not miss a thing and congratulations again jessen cody think everybody have a good one i.

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