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'cause like I was far as full house in of the wild boy, push her known you then. I would probably got louder Trump. I listen. You literally cut me off because I would have got you from Trump. I would have. Got you. Look at the bar. No. I was a twenty year old when apartment bro. Got in a lot of trouble. Yeah, I want to say yes. Yeah. You know, some people. He will scare me. You ever. No, he's taking sick. You ever met somebody that you you thought use the free you would use the free, Joe freak level. You thought freak level was at at the most like a decent eight or nine or something like that. And then you meet somebody in you meet the alternate free, the ultimate for it, just like arm, not eight at all. Like one if. Scares you. Adoration. That's not an exaggeration out. I'm met somebody what's our national 'cause I'm protect innocent j. j. j. j. b. j. j. in AJ Jay BJ I thought it was an aid proud, possibly nine depending on the day or tier. Jay. Can I? Can I talk about the night? I'm Jay. Jerry. Yeah, don't tell them dollars. Lucky. Okay. So I'm the, I'm the JJ through through river, you know, I don't think you want me before the no didn't want me at all. 'cause I was totally caught off guard when I met all these people because it was a birthday party EROs EROs birthday party last year, right? Yeah, it was. Okay. Aero. He just had his birthday this year. Yeah, yes. So we're, we're at the, you know, party whatever we all get together, whatever. And I'm meet JJ in, you know, you would've friend of a friend. You try to give the good first pressure. So me being me, you know, I'm good with people, so I'm like, JiJi how you doing you nice to meet you. I'm Billy the first thing that come up shut up. The first thing on her mouth was I like anal. Doesn't always idir. No, I'll like anal. That was the first that was the first one. If we like I couldn't. I couldn't marry her. In my marriage vows or whatever I will have to tell the. Yeah. When I met her, you know. I was I like angle. I couldn't marry her off the just office in for that. Just off the Percival. I couldn't marry her. So you can imagine my surprise and shock just in the corner, just smiling. Of this. I said, okay, that's that's cool. All right river is that..

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