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Works today to liken Abdullah burning around second base, go first away from one corner to another. He's gonna try to go away from first to third on awhile on the baseball show on ESPN 1003 stories in Major league baseball that we will bring to you on first, the third each and every night here on the baseball show, first up on ESPN dot com David showing filled has this Here's the question Abdullah Fernando Totti's junior. Versus Mike Trout. Which player would you rather have for the next decade? Now, before you start, Teo get all disgruntled about how great Mike Trout is. Ah, let's just give you the facts right now. Fernando Totti's junior 13 home runs for the Padres. He's batting 3 13 3 95 6 60. It's a slash line. He has a weighted runs created, plus 1 78 this year Mike Trout, even though still great a little down 12 home runs slash line of 2 68 3 59 +602 weighted runs created Plus of 1 49. So Mike Trout and Fernando Te T's junior. Who would you rather have over the course of the next 10 years. I think most people would immediately respond the way Waddle and Sylvia responded to us about 30 minutes ago and say, Of course, it's my trout. Are you stupid? But no, the answer is youth. You always go youth. You always go because because titties Yes. The You know what Trout is going to give you But for the next 10 years, he's 29. Is he going to play until he's 30 is going to play that level until he's 40? I mean, he might, but ultimately His walks air down this year, but he's been walking Maurine the last 14 or 15 games. He's been getting on the alien six walks in the common ESPN image. It's six walks in his 1st 12 games. And then now he's had more in the last 15 or 16 games, but ultimately If a guy's putting up the kind of numbers that Todd Jr is, and he's not even in his prime, you're going to go with youth because he's going to hit his prime, like I'm not saying the trout is out of his prime. But He's going to start going out of his prime. Sooner then touch he's getting into his prime. Does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely. And so like for those who are in their cars right now screaming at Black and Abdullah, you guys are idiots. Mike Trout's the greatest player since Mantle. Okay, so the column goes over this because as of dollars, saying, what you find out across the history of Major League baseball is when you look at comparisons. Like trout in Tha T's junior throughout history, you will find that the average war of the players who are younger will always be greater than the player who is already great. So like that concept of going with the younger player actually bears out when you look at different examples, so here, so right Fernando Tat's junior is 21 years old, Right? Like trout is 29. So David shown filled on ESPN dot com, he writes before making your decision I thought would be fun to look back in history and draw a similar comparisons, all the best player in the game. At their age 28 seasons, and we'll find a corresponding young star from that same season, who had a breakout year. Okay, So the first one he looked at Was Albert Poo holes in 2008. He had a nine point to war. He won the MVP. They then look at Evan Longoria, who's 22 at the time. Who that year was 11th in the M V P voting. He had 27 home runs hit a war of 4.8, so they tracked the war for both of those players over the course of the next 10 seasons. And who do you think had the better production when it comes to war? Since I'm looking at the article you could play along while I'm in the same. Probably. Evan Longoria. Yes, he had a war of 48.7 36.2, and we've known That one of the great big contracts handed out that people regret. There was throw Tio Albert pools, even though he's still playing, But he depreciated over the course of time. Okay, So the next example was Alex Rodriguez in 2004. He hit 36 home runs. He had a war of 7.6. He was in his prime. He was 14th in the MVP voting, but he was in his prime. They compare that to a 21 year old in that season 2000 for Miguel Cabrera Cabrera that season had 33 home runs a war of 3.5. You flash forward Over the course of the next 10 years, A rod on Lee had a war of 44.6 Cabrera had a war of 55.8. Yeah, I don't want to ruin the big, but the younger guy always has. The higher war can give you one more one more one more because Mike trout is often compared to this player Ken Griffey Jr in 1998 his year 28 seasons. He had a war of 6.6 56 home runs. He was fourth in the MVP voting. We compare him to a youngster at the time. Andrew Jones, remember for the Braves aged 21. In 1998. He had 31 home runs hit a war of 7.40 actually had a higher war than Griff. Well, I mean, this one's a little a little obviously, in 11 way because Griffin got hurt a whole bunch. That's true. Griffey only had an 18 point to war over the course of the next 10 seasons. Andrew Jones had 48.5 and it goes on and on and on in the column has all these historical data point answers, but But basically right now, if you had to make a choice if you were a GM and you had to pick my trotter, Fernando taxis junior, you would get more bang for your buck by going with the younger players who want to go with the dude that's not close to 30. They go with the guy That's not close to 30 like, Well, how far away from 30 or these guys? Oh, that one's less Okay. It's basically never sign a player past like aged 29. And like you, could it if he's not your like focal point player for the franchise, because I know like Jose Bre U is doing great things for the Sox this year. The socks have signed him and giving him 30. Maybe the anomaly. He's like the best player ever so he might be the anomaly and you might see him produced like this until he's 40 and just decided, like you know what? And why would it even matter? Like what? Like the most. My child thing would just be like I'm ready. I'm going for it. All right, you guys and he just walks and you're like, Wait. What? That's it T factually correct. We don't actually know what Mike Trout sounds like because you never hear him speak so Just generic like it turns my club. Here's my mike trout impression. I'm like trying first, a third quickly. I want to give you this story from the New York Post Shadow to our switcher are Roderick Jaynes. He's in your action. Everybody's in the other. He was on our side. Okay, He's okay. Give them a shout out. Shout out from yesterday, right. We had a story about Garrett Cole and his fastball right and he's throwing more home runs this season. Okay..

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