Red Sox, Boston, Donau Williams discussed on Nightside with Dan Rea


Associated with that symbol as an opportunity to manipulate this symbol to further his own public profile the story unravelled when the brothers admitted they helped stage the attack in presented the paychecks small at wrote small at denies the allegations Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins calls. The small. Case a sad situation. And is concerned the credibility of real hate crime. Victims will be called into question. Meantime, Donau Williams with the urban league of eastern Massachusetts says he's reserving judgment on the matter problems facing a company testing self driving cars in Boston. Autonomy says solar glare is playing havoc. The driverless cars cannot figure out the traffic signal colors. As a result company notes. There's always a safety driver in the vehicle company working with the city to fix the problem. Well, known Boston Globe sportswriter, Nick cafardo died today while covering Red Sox spring training, and Florida cafaro was sixty two the Red Sox issuing a statement saying they're saddened by Partos passing noting. His coverage was asked consistent as the game itself. Singer Peter Tork best known for playing in the nineteen sixties TV rock band. The Monkees has died at the age of seventy seven here. CBS was Anthony Mason. Panasonic. The monkeys would outsell the Beatles and the stones in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven their first four albums went to number one. A made for TV ban. They were assembled by the show's producers, Bert Schneider and Bob.

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