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Very helpful. Greg ler relies on paging through a blue book before an election. There's a lot about this initiative that I was unclear about until I read it blue books or those voter information guide spell out what you're voting on and provide arguments for both sides Denver sent them out last year for an election, but decided not to for next week's election saying in this Mailer they were going green. By was surprised that I didn't get my book this year. And I was waiting for it. He wasn't the only one Denver elections. This is Marie speaking. How may I help you after the Denver election commission notified voters this month? They would not be nailed a blue book. Yeah. They're not doing that. They got one hundred phone calls every day records, we obtained show voters were confused in some cases, angry to learn. They would not be automatically mailed the pamphlet. We did consider costs when we looked at at the impacts that we would have if we did not. Male the blue book to all voters say mailing this to all voters would have cost two hundred thirty three thousand dollars. So Denver's deputy director of election says the agency spent sixty one thousand dollars to instead mail this card to voters telling them, they would not be mailing blue books. They call that a savings of about a hundred seventy one thousand dollars from voters who were not happy are were confused by the postcard that they received the elections commission. Also says it would have cost twice as much a challenging time line to try to print a second blue book for a likely runoff election in June. They say the blue book information is now here online, but Chrysler and others questioned the impact on the elderly and poor and those who don't have computers, you know, this this whole thing could have eliminated a lot of voters just right off one fail swoop. And that kind of in today's climate that kind of scares me, the elections division says if you don't wanna read online, you can get a blue book at Denver. Rec centers or libraries feedback has has actually been not not terrible. And I think voters are satisfied with the other options were giving them a better idea to opt out if you don't want your blue book, then to have people have to opt in to something that I think should just be sent out automatically. I'm Brian moss. Covering colorado. I very interesting and the big election news today and twenty twenty we now know that Senator Michael Bennet. No, big surprise anybody. But he is sufficiently now in the race for the White House. And of course, the good news is obviously his key must be cancer free or must've gotten that. You know, the prostate taken care of sets good clean Bill of health. That sounds like now he's ready to dig down. What be number twenty curling field of Democrats has to be twenty one. So someone has to be eight forty five sports.

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