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This using sleep feeling stressed out. And i came up with a hack. Oh what is it. I had written some copy to go along with some pictures that i took. Okay and this is historical stuff involving asian american veterans. I'm not a historian photographer. But i looked up stuff on wikipedia and blah blah blah. And i put together well. They showed it to this person who's retired like general. Oh wow okay. Not not a sergeant. And he doesn't know who did this but he basically wrote an email back to this family. That i'm working with and said whoever you paid to do this you should ask for your money back. They got this wrong. They got that right and has every chance he gets. It was like what do you call it. Ad hominem in stepping back his recommendations which i ended up using made the copy. So much better. Okay so is the delivery though was just the messenger. Once i finished making all the edits i sent a notice to the couple and the wife immediately messages me. She says you weren't supposed to see that email. My husband folded it. I would have never forwarded it. I would have just given you the edits. She's i'm so he was you know he's he's he's a nice man but you know he doesn't understand. You volunteered right. And the and i said look i had to come up with a work around because i kept obsessing in my mind and every time i'm going to have to work in these eda's i'm going to see all of his jabs at me. Even though he doesn't know me. I was out on a bike. Ride two days ago because i was i was in my delayed mode avoid. Just don't face this. I say you know what. I'm going to pull up that email. And i'm gonna to as quick as i can cut and paste only the edit comments as best i can and make a google doc and just put that stuff there so as i'm studying the edits. I'm also not reinforcing. his insults. yes and worked. my gosh. i finally got that monkey off my back. Because i was avoiding doing this project just because it was triggering as people say today so i had to figure it out now. It definitely helped to hear from the wife. And she so politic. And so firming right and just go my stupid like well you know. I'm sure i. I don't know if i would have done it but just i'll just for the whole thing right right. Fortunately it's behind me now right but i think the most revealing dingli was here. I had this conversation a month ago with my guest and he was being very personal very authentic. About how much. And i'm thinking i get. I'm maybe it used to be me. But i've i've really made a lot of progress and then humble pie. Wow wow so my point is it depends even talking to you right now. Like i wasn't planning on sharing that but so there are ways. Even though i tried to give the most base to each guest's there are ways in different episodes. Were i can bring stuff. That doesn't necessarily. It's like a non sequitur. Anything else i've ever said right but it's a part of my life and what's going on interesting so what's the main takeaway from that experience. You think great question. I think i was too quick to just own all the insults. Even though partly because he was aiming at all at me and the more i thought about it is just like actually. This was not the first draft. This is like the fourth draft. And the couple that i'm working with. They actually spoke into the copy so if anything it was a joint result but it was. You know they didn't explain that they him bright blah blah blah and. I feel like going forward. Especially because what i do is if someone has me do a photo assignment and i'll say this. It was for a rose parade float. It's not a small deal. I was their main photographer. I didn't ask to get paid okay. Because i believe in what they're doing so i said well. What do you want to do with this. I said you know. I don't want to just send you digital files and then it just goes on a hard drive. I said i'm actually gonna make a photo book of the occasion for myself. I you know. I do this now so i said would you like one. They said of course right. And then i said now you still need to pay off the floor so if you want. I won't charge you anything for all my time and effort it's my contribution to what you're all doing but if you wanna to use this as an incentive like if someone gives lease thousand dollars let's say right then they're going to get a book right so that was that was the whole thing the whole spirit of it. I think was wonderful and good. But i think going forward if it comes to copy for an issue or an event that i'm really not primary to i'm going to ask the people who are putting on the event to actually give me the copy so i don't have to do all the you know the work to bring it up and then south i still may have blind spots so as i look the takeaway is. I'm the photographer on not the historic right. I'm not a military expert. And what have you now. I'll need to edit it to fit within the spaces. But yeah as much as i like to think i can do everything and and do it. Pretty good it's just like well. If this showed me that i was out of my league. Wow i don't think you're out of your league. But why do all the work especially for for free because this set some boundaries. They're well party of. It was totally like they'd never asked me for any of this. And so i just. I care about the couple. I care about their organiser nonprofit organization and so it was my effort of saying look guys when in a couple hundred thousand dollars on this float right and you're trying to get people to now pay pay it off. It's like well. I can't give you thousands of dollars. But here's my contribution right. Yeah and the other cool thing was the person i think they pay him. That i was shooting with was the photo. Journalist courtney lee who. Just oh my gosh. She corky lee. That's how i met. They flew him out from new york. Right yeah and so we were there and that was before i was carrying my lighter. Murless scared i'm talking to full frame bodies and what i don't think he or i realized is that once the float turns the corner on colorado boulevard. Where the judges are you. You gotta run like you can't believe because you have to be a head of the float. Oh my gosh and the floats starts picking up speed right and so i'm running with different lens. Bodies on either side and corky seventy something years old and after a while. I just didn't see corky anymore. And so i'm thinking well you know. It's a good thing that they they knew that i was willing to do this too. Because i'm no spring chicken. But i'm younger than corky cycle. You know think corky was able to get the pictures. Oh wow but now since. He died of kovic so tragically. I just think what an honor and a privilege to have been on assignment with this legend. I'm like getting chills. Hearing you talk about him because when i found out about his passing i just reading about him and find out more about him as a fellow photographer. I just wish i knew him. I wish i had met him like. There are not many people i can say that about in the planet right. But he's a legend but he his work just a. I can't even articulate. I've never articulated it before. Because i haven't spoken about him with anyone except for you now here. So wow you were chasing afloat. You know like the last time. I saw like.

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