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On the tracks when a light rail train came through around nine thirty last night witnesses told WSOC TV he was thrown quite a ways by the impact and suffered serious injuries to at least one leg the hurricane start the preseason tonight at the Tampa Bay Lightning Carolina will then host the lightning tomorrow okay go off the regular season October third hosting Montreal with continuing news updates I'm Carl Wilson. from the TV service now plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center interstates and secondaries in good shape no problems there construction though Mitchell mill road remains closed for work between quarry road and faller Scott Barnett one oh six one FM talk. iCloud debris from member don't close but off to our east skirting the Outer Banks we'll see a few clouds with sunshine as we go through today eighty six some class that I cooler sixty two in court tomorrow sunny seventy nine restated from the weather channel on one of six one F. M. talk. next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one F. M. talk dot com to connect thank you won't help us out of the border you don't think it's a problem we're going to transport them to your sanctuary city today at nine AM good luck with that on one oh six one FM talk stay connected. finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in a haystack but not with zip recruiter it's powerful technology actively fines and invites qualified candidates to apply to your job so while other companies might deliver a lot of hay ziprecruiter finds you the needle in the haystack see why four out of five employers to post a job on ziprecruiter.

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