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President Trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren, ABC discussed on Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy


KOA NewsRadio the fifty thousand watt blow George of the Rocky Mountain west. There are far more questions and answers yet taking off for Kenya. When there was trouble almost immediately. I mentioned that he had if he wants to retire. The data shows a pilot's were having trouble controlling the aircraft after that radio. Call just six minutes after takeoff. Just more two thousand feet off the ground the data. Stop experts suggest the sudden stopping of the recorder may indicate an explosion or a fire. President Trump is expected to ask for another eight point six billion dollars for his report proposed border wall. It's going to be in the budget that he presents to congress. That'd be another budget by over the wall. I suppose there will be I would just say that the whole issue of the wall border security is paramount importance. We have a crisis down there national economic exotic advisor Larry cudlow on Fox News Sunday now as for those who want to replace Mr. Trump next fall. New Hampshire Bernie Sanders. Greeting supporters underlying principles of our government will not be racism sexism, while several other democratic candidates work to woo young voters at Austin's south by southwest festival. Senator Elizabeth Warren talking about a plan to break up tech giants like Amazon Facebook, we will have a much more competitive robust market in America, Senator Amy klobuchar and former HUD secretary who Leon Castro were at south by southwest as well, Mark Remillard, ABC news. It was another rough weekend weather is across the south. The national weather service has an e f one tornado touch down today in Louisiana. You're listening to ABC news. Newsradio.

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President Trump, Senator Elizabeth Warren, ABC discussed on Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy

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