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Thirteen-year-old Jamie Kloss went missing almost three months ago. Snow? Home. Jennifer Smith is clauses. Maternal aunts just overnight. She heard that her niece had been found alive. Two commies to the north and Douglas county, Wisconsin a suspect in custody. Smith impatiently waiting to get her hands on Jamie. To let her get checked over Jamie went missing October fifteenth. When her parents were found murdered inside the family home in Barron. Police to divulge more on the case later today partial government, shutdown day, twenty one President Trump went to mcallen, Texas on Thursday trying to build support for his border wall. That's where he was asked about his former personal attorney and fixer Michael, Colin testifying before an open session of the house oversight and government reform committee next month. And I'm not worried about it at all no Cohen is implicated, President Trump and hush payments made to two women. He also admitted to lying to congress about negotiations to build a Trump branded skyscraper in Moscow. Cohen said those negotiations stopped in January of two thousand sixteen when they actually continued for six months beyond that well into the Trump campaign ABC's Aaron Katersky sick cruise in the Caribbean. The awareness of the sees a sixteen deck passenger cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean is returning to a Florida port a day ahead of schedule after more than two hundred seventy passengers and crew were sick. And by norovirus, the ship docked in Jamaica, and is now on its way back to port Canaveral Florida. The company says they'll be refunding passengers and will thoroughly clean and sanitize the ship before it sails again, Mark Remillard, ABC news. Looks like the strike is go Los Angeles. Judge found no reason to delay a strike by thirty five thousand public school teachers it was set for Thursday. Now it is set for Monday, barring a in agreement a last minute agreement a strike would impact six hundred forty thousand students. You're listening to ABC news..

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