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Update. The guy on the phone for a second date update today in his Email said that he uses tender all the time, he loves it. And he's got a lot of good and bad dates. But this is the first time he's emailed us because he thinks he might be ready to jump off tender because he found the one. But now she's not calling him back. His name is Keith what's up? Hey, guys. How's it going? Can I take a guess that you met this woman on said, Tinder, I did meet her on Tinder? Cool and what's her name? Her name is Heather, okay. So tell us a little bit about Heather Heather on Tinder, and I had a good feeling about it. I swiped and she it was a match and good 'cause you wouldn't have been able to meet her if I'm sorry guys. I'm I'm just really nervous talking to you guys. Just pretend like you're messaging with us on ten. Confidence there? Really? Jokes. Well, thank you. I appreciate you said, you were kind of a Tinder expert was there something that made her different from all the other people that you see on Tinder, well, she had a really good picture. It was funny. It wasn't just of her had her dog in. It wasn't just a just a normal shot. It's the best picture she's ever taken. So I thought that was good. Okay. Okay. Always make dinner better. I swear. So tell us about your date with Heather, what'd you guys do. So we decided to meet up at a bar. When I got there first. And then she got there. She said that she had trouble recognizing me, which I get a lot. 'cause I don't really use my picture it some guy that looks kind kinda like me. Using your picture. What are you doing man fishing? I mean, he looks just like me to why not use yours. I tried using my picture, and I never got anything as soon as I use the other picture. I was getting batches all day long, isn't that? Because he is. I mean, granted we all are working with what we got is this guy, though, the picture, you're using a lot more handsome than us. He liked the good-looking version of you. I wouldn't say a lot better chin, maybe. But that's about it. Okay. Did you ever get a follow update? If someone shows up to the date, and you're not who you say you are. I just tell a different time in my college days. So yeah, that was me before I got a job in gained a few pounds or whatever. All right. So is that what you told Heather, I just you know, I mentioned that it was from another time, and she kind of shut it off. And we kept going thought we were having a good time. Okay. What made you think you're having such a good time? We found common interests. We'd like talking about celebrities and Hollywood gossip, you know, all this stuff happening. All right. So did you guys just gossip for a few hours, and that was the whole date? I wish I mean, I'm not really sure what happened. It was similar around the middle of the date. She started feeling uncomfortable. And just the conversation wasn't flow in the way. It was in the beginning. Okay. I'm just not sure did you ever recover from that? Or was it awkward after that? Kinda got a little more awkward. I thought get some more drinks kind of loosen up a little bit. So I ordered a bunch of drinks for the table. Maybe too many. I got three and she got three. Yeah. I thought you know, would make it fun and. Loosened up. She pound the drinks. So she actually didn't drink any of the drinks. I ordered all these drinks for us. And I'm not gonna be able to drink them. And she kind of just said that the text her. I'm not really sure, okay. I'll tell you. If I was in her situation. I would feel like you were trying to get me hammered. So that like I would sleep with you all I mean, not necessarily. Not necessarily. Whatever happens happens. But it that's not my intention. All right. So she just Aleve and cut the date short. Yes. She said, oh, I got a text on my friend. She needs my help. I'm gonna get out of here. But I never really saw her look at her phone or anything. Okay. I gotta taxed I know. I can fill in my pocket. It's where my friend. I have to go. Yeah. How many times have you tried to get a hold of her since that date? Like four or five, but it's only been a few days. Oh my gosh. I mean, she obviously doesn't want anything to do with you. You think so? Catfish her then you tried to get her drunk, and then she lied about having an emergency. Nobody has an emergency from a friend. It just doesn't work that way. But we talked a lot about celebrities. Oh, well, there you go. So to me the date went, well, well, we'll play a song, and then comeback in caller and get your second date update. Okay. Can I just say one more thing you guys? Sure. I gotta say it's an honor and a privilege to be on the air and doing this with you guys. I listen to you all the time huge fan. And I love it. I love.

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