John Maynard Keynes discussed on TED Radio Hour


In just a few days anywhere in the world and when people really start to do this out for says he will be totally up and the way we think about our homes and offices when an architect is just kind of producing a hundred houses in a week they don't get to pay attention to every small little detail where is the person lives that lived there for years and weeks and months and so they'll tweak the house and that will change and they will learn how to use it say that from one of the interesting things about open source design is that you can almost think of it as a way of downloading a piece of design that already has embedded within it thousands of hours worth of attention well I'll tell you the idea is that you want everybody to have power in designing where they live how their committees are designed like that that they shouldn't just be something that is handed to them with that everybody has a chance to kind of participate in yeah this is fantastic quite which we think is from John Maynard Keynes it's this idea of it's easy to sit recipes and cakes and biscuits and that's really funny because on one level it so obviously true but at the same time it's not how our whole industrial economy works almost our entire twentieth century industrial economy with based around almost the exact opposite idea which is shipping around materials and products but the moment you could email a recipe to the other side of the world and then fabricator and replicated in a tiny workshop for karrueche to.

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