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A conventional 15 year old lady James and Green Wood. It's wicked awesome. You're making me feel so old right now, you rob are making me feel old and that you know, yesterday you provided me with the most giant ego boost of all time I do. It was very sweet because you said I hadn't aged and you haven't and people looked at that photo at Mark and Rob on Facebook and Instagram and Mark and Rob. Show Right on Facebook and screaming, Go there. Please. Like our page. You can see photos of Mach 16 years part and you haven't aged a bit And that was very sweet and people were very, very sweet. In fact, there is somebody that works in the dentist's office who said that I had a perfect occlusion. And I don't even know what that is. Who. Exactly? That was. My response was They were like that is a perfect occlusion. What is a remember how it's spelled 0 CC l u s i o n 0 CC U L Yeah, Conclusion occlusion. I'm doing this here on the air. You go see if I can read this out loud is everywhere like you idiots. Uh But I don't know I don't. Well, it has something to do with teeth. Okay, so regardless you It was very, very nice. I mean, I had a very nice ego day because you were so kind about those photos where it is quick. It's contact between the teeth. Okay, so like they're appropriately close together, Okay, got it on Look, It's amazing. They said that because I have long said of your hottest features. Your occlusion is right near the top. So I'm glad that that person in the dental world was able to clarify that. But now all of that is gone by the wayside, because right now I feel so ancient because I was asking you if your woman associate watched sex and the city and your response to that was to say She was five and I just can't deal with how old I am right now. Oh, my God. But before we get to the sex and the city drama because there is some You want to mention that Nicole Kidman had and Javier Bardem are going to play Lucille Ball and Desi are nez in a new bio pic and I am I don't know. I don't know what to think about that we were talking about in the break because, you know, I don't notice people's appearance ever. Is Nicole Kidman still considered hot? I think so, by like just the general populace. I think she is because I never really got it in the prime and I guess I could see how some people Would find her attractive. But I never looked at her and said, Oh, she's gorgeous. She's so hot. I never I don't think she like, oozes sex appeal like she's not a sexy person, but I think she's an attractive person. Why does she keep getting these roles Because she's great, actually think so. Yeah, I think she's a really good actress. Weird. She's a lot of weird. That's true. That's coming from me. What I don't think of her, as is funny, and so for her to be one of the funniest women ever Is. I'm having trouble putting that together. And as much as I hate Debra Messing, who from will and Grace Debra Messing in her show, will and Grace often kind of reminded me of Lucy and she would be fantastic as much as I can't stand her well, we see this in reverse a lot of times where these funny guys will try to play serious roles using feral do it. You've seen Adam Sandler do it, and it's not there. Jim Carey was another one. It's not their fault, but every time you look at him, you want to laugh. You're watching these superstar. These movies, and you're like a kind of ruins the movie because I want to laugh at this person, and they're not being funny, right? Like if you went to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind thinking you were gonna get some laughs out of that you came out. It's like one of the darkest who's ever and it's Jim Carrey and you're just like what is even happening. Yeah, I get it. I get it. And that's why I'm having trouble processing Nicole Kidman being Lucille Ball? Yeah. I mean, you know they're going to do the makeup and the hair and all that. I mean, they'll get the look right? I'm sure. But Wow. Right? Yeah. Um, speaking of sex and the city because we need to get back to that, and I don't like feeling as old as I do right now, but sex and the city is making sort of. Ah, come back, at least know of the show. Right? And you know the characters in it. Yeah, I know the show because when I was on I got HBO for free. It was the scrambled HBO. It's Again again, Rob. And so it was usually on like the replays of it would be right on right before taxicab confessions. So I catch the end of it for a taxicab confessions. OK, so you know, it's about four women like super good friends in New York City. Like exploring their sexuality block Aziz. They described a scarlet letter low moral standing, right? So any case, you know, it's been long over. As you said, it's from what 2004 ish. Yeah, it went off the air in 2004. It went off the air in 2004. Okay, so And then there was a movie after I mean, there. They was very successful. I loved the show. I watched all of it, and I love the show. And so now there's gonna be a reboot that's happening on HBO. Max. It's gonna be a half hour show. There's just gonna be 10 episodes. And it's gonna be called And just like that. That's it. That's name. That's the name of the show. Is it the same people? It's three out of the four same people. So there has been a feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Patrol for the Who are the two main ones who people would know they were like the best friends in the end can control is has been very vocal about how much she does not like Sarah Jessica Parker or the other women in the in the show, so she has refused to do it. I don't think they want it back anyway. And so now it's just Gonna be the other three. It's going to Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, who by now who is now a lesbian. She wasn't out run. The show was a thing. She's now a lesbian. And then I forget the name of the chick that played Charlotte. But like the chick that played Charlotte is also going to be in there. And that show served a purpose. I mean, being in the 7th and 8th grade, it was a great way to get briefed. Bree partial nudity, So I, you know, Thank you. Thank you for all you've done anyway, it's coming.

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