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An administration that is going to force us not to deliver the best possible care to our patients planned parenthood acting president and c._e._o. Alexis mcgill l. johnston says her organization was forced out of the title ten funding by the trump administration titled ten subsidizes family planning services for some four million women nationwide planned parenthood says it is served about forty percent of those patients that it says might now have to seek care elsewhere the president his champion the rule for months with religious conservatives who have pushed for it. We've issued a final rule to prohibit title ten taxpayer. Funding from subsidizing does ing the abortion industry. The impact will mean that people may choose to forgo care. They may choose to delay their care until this is resolved and matt what's unacceptable by law. The federal money could never be used to perform abortions but under the new rule clinics that received money and are titled ten programs can no no longer refer patients for abortions. The calls for impeaching donald trump grew a bit louder on monday. When the number four house democrat congressman benway luhan of new mexico who's running for senate and competing in a contested primary came out in favor of the push making him the highest ranking member of the caucus focus to do so luhan is the assistant speaker and former chairman of the house democratic campaign arm. He said in a statement that he moved into the pro impeachment column alum due to warnings that russian efforts to interfere in u._s. Elections have continued into the twentieth cycle in a related story. The chairwoman of the federal federal election commission ellen weintraub sent donald trump a letter on saturday telling him there is no evidence of rampant voter fraud in two thousand sixteen in or in any other u._s. Election suggesting he produced evidence of his claims of voter fraud or sees his repeated assertions of illegal voting trump began again making these accusations after he failed to win the popular vote in two thousand sixteen he then subsequently put his vice president in charge of a special commission to investigate allegations nations of election fraud but the panel was quickly disbanded by the white house a year later without uncovering any evidence to back up trump's statement that three to five million ballots illegally casper clinton but trump continues lie tweeting about it the idiot and chief this time said falsely that google quote manipulated hippie lady from two point six million to sixteen million votes for hillary clinton. I guess this time he was referring to a segment on fox business breath about psychologist robert epstein who alleged in congressional testimony this summer that he found pro-clinton bias in google search result but there's no evidence that google manipulated the results to favor clinton google and others saying epstein bias claim is wrong well despite repeated heated assurances from trump administration officials that u._s. consumers are not bearing the brunt of its tariffs on china a new analysis from j. P. morgan predicts that the average average american family will be on the hook for a thousand dollars a year. A new report from the united states studies centre at australia's university of sydney sydney claims that the u._s. military is not the primary force anymore in asia and it would struggle to defend its allies against the chinese further saying that missiles from china's rapidly improving military could overwhelm u._s. basis in the region in a matter of hours and finally the first republican has stepped up to back the assault weapons ban representative peter king of new york on monday became the first i house republican to join two hundred democratic co sponsors of the bill titled the assault weapons ban.

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