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This is off the Red Carpet with George Pinocchio sponsored by Mercedes Benz however one and welcome to another edition of off the red carpet rapid. I'm George Pinocchio and today I'm joined by an actor who we've been seeing for thirty years on film and on television you'll know him. His name is William Fichtner. thickener right now you see him starring on. TV's mom on CBS. But William has a big deal now in his life it's his passion project. It's a film that he he has directed and Co written and stars in and it's called Cold Brook and I like when you go to. IMDB MR FICHTNER and Z.. That you leave a little bit mysterious. You don't want us to know too much about your movie although we're going to get some of it out of you today. Well there is the. You've you've seen the film so there is. There's there's one element about it that that I dance around a little bit only because it's a bit of a surprise in I and the storytelling of it all It's about two guys out with friends. Two ordinary guys in a small town best friends for life. Since they were kids they grew up. Together they worked together and these guys have an extraordinary experience and ultimately we are faced with the decision of. How far do you go to help a stranger? And that stranger played by Harold Perrineau right. Who was was on is back in the day and your best friend? Is Kim coates. who was on sons of anarchy with with that made a big splash on television? But I'm looking at your resumes coinciding. Oh inciting and you guys did Pearl Harbor. You did Black Hawk down. You were both on entourage at some point. How long have you known this guy? Are you best friends in real life. We actually are best friends and really I met Kim. two thousand one in Rabat Morocco. Shooting Blackhawk Tom. Tom I was over there Our Blackhawks didn't show up. There were three weeks late so we were doing a lot of training with with the Czech stunt team and and our last Delta Guy came over. Kim Coates I knew who he was but I never met him before and he came on set when they and they're like God. This is Kim coates. Soon you'll be with your team. And he walked over and he was like a man. I said I was going. He goes we from Buffalo. You say go savers I went. Wow Okay I got a buddy here right I gotta hockey guy and Found out we were there for five months together and found out that he lives about twelve minutes from my house and That was the beginning of it. You know I mean I. I've met my best friend when I was forty. Four years. Old That's awesome. I think there's something about Kim Coates Wanna discuss. When you see we have to do we have talked about him would not much? They'll of course it's all about you talk about Kim coates and we see on camera often. He's playing these very intense characters and and he's got these piercing blue eyes. That can sometimes look very very intense. And don't mess with me. Kind of he knows how to do it. You have taken those is and kind of made them friendlier and approachable Miss Role. Does that make sense to you now when I see his eyes. It's like I want to know this. This Guy Listen coaching. I talk about this all the time. You know I'll be with him because we hang out together. I'll be with people go. Oh Man Look at you two guys man. Two's she was like like the ultimate bad guys. You know. We'll walk Wayne Look at coats and I'm like what's that all about what I've said it for for for a dozen years if you have cheekbones and blue eyes and his business people think you kill people. Butts you know coaching. I just talked about this the other day. I think if I look I look look at the list of films that I've done in my life. You know. Heavies arguably super heavies. Maybe maybe ten out of fifty Comedies way more than that and but still it's identifiable thing people get you know they get locked in an image on something and I'm not saying I feel locked in at all but but get it I get it so with him. You know and right in the writing of Colebrook it was always meant to be. I mean backing up to Morocco after Morocco. A few years after that I said to another great friend of ours came to his name. And he's like my little brother and I said I have an idea for a story but I wanNA ride it and but I'm writing it for me Kim. It's a story about friendship and so it's going to begin their. I don't WanNa do it with anybody else but Kim And it was always meant to be these two small town guys and they weren't we're GONNA be. I didn't want to tell a story about guys that were crazy. I wanted to tell us about guys fishing and light fireworks. 'cause it's fun it's kind of Huck Finn in a little bit. I'll take that it is take an adventure that's going on your two. Men are boyish in a way and when I say about Kim's is being kind of friendlier and and he sees like for the first time. Certain things and it's kind of exciting and you have the same look in your eyes so there's a real approachability to these. Two guys that I think is going to be fun for movie goers to see we would want to be your friends. I think when people you know the experience that we've had over the last year taking it to some festivals and finish thinkers earthier festivals. Really you really get it like Berkshire Woodstock and Napa and we went to all of these festivals with the film but one of the things that I love about it and as we started off this conversation saying thank you know. I'm a little quiet about some elements of of the film because one of the things that I love most when people see the movie. And I've heard this more than anything else is is. I had no idea it was going in that direction and I love that That the story goes off like that so we shall see. Let's let's you suspend belief a little bit if you Maybe are a little bit sarcastic in your life for or questioning in your life this lets you kind of just go for a neat ride. Yeah ride in upstate. New York which is which is where I was so committed to shoot the film and I I had opportunities maybe three or four years ago. There was a possibility of maybe shooting it in in Somebody talk about shooting up in Canada. And then when I finally met these these two Canadian producers that came on board really wanted to shoot it up north and I said not we we have to shoot it in in western New York. I wrote it for their. There's no reason to go anywhere anywhere else. But it's tough. It was tough to shoot it in western New York because of tax incentives so a little piece of history that four years ago. They the local Film Commissioner Western New York Gentleman named Tim Clark came to me and he called me up you can. Can you be in buffalo and a couple of weeks on I remember. It was like a Wednesday morning in July for a breakfast meeting and I sit shirt him. What's it goes? You GotTa be here so I flew back to Oslo and it was meeting some local state senators about the fact and my part part of it was like I have a little film that I would like to make. I can't get anybody behind me because the tax incentives is pretty much you know null and void. It's not much at all and the money is allocated needed but if you don't have the incentive build it they won't come out of that meeting. The legislation was introduced and governor. Cuomo passed it and now there's film. Production in buffalo is is on the rise all the time and right now shooting big things and because if you become well part of it because of all the bill we really cared about it. There is one problem with your movie. Now Yeah Gimme a man named Kit Clark as a news anchor when it should be Pinocchio and we struggled over that it was a big thing. Well the gentleman. I was just talking about Tim. Clark that film commissioner who I could not have made the film without and the gentleman that was in charge of our post production. His name is kit. So I'm sitting there one day thinking. What am I going to name it? I'm like oh it's gotta be kicked Clark so there it is and he's in. He's a real newscaster in Buffalo. I think that's perfect. Yeah the guy came in to read for me and he said I have the pages he was kind of nervous as it. Just read it like you're you. You know what I asked him. I said what's the story at the end of the newscast words like and today. A little fun thing happened and he goes what he called. Did the kicker something that I said. Well I do it like the kicker so I'm sitting in a room with the video rolling any takes the monologue in front of Germany reads. It almost fell out of my chair. I shouldn't be surprised. Because that's what he does but he read it and I was like Oh my God. That's incredible. Please show up in two see weeks and do it and he did. You need to have some kind of a special showing out there. Because that's fantastic. He'll get all of his viewers to come. That'd be cool. Well we we did I did AH I. I went back to buffalo last December year after we shot the film. And there's an old seven hundred seat theater called the North Park Park Theater and and they donated you know. They're a first run movie house and they closed in on a Sunday night so I could have thank you buffalo. Everybody that worked on it. The mayor the politicians Senator Gallivan who introduced the legislation. And they were all there. That's really great. You also have someone in this film that is very close to you because and the credits I noticed Kimberly fichtner. Yeah yeah well we were. It was probably probably three or four months before we started shooting. I knew we had the money or most of it. We were going to go forward and we're going to make this happen and Kimmy one day one day she just says out of the blue to me. I'm in it right and I'm like five did. Yeah yeah honey. Absolutely and and she's like can I play one of your wife. I'm like no no does not happening so there were not many options but I I liked the idea and I really wasn't thinking about it before that about her plan. Vicky the waitress and juniors joint.

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