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Okay but then you see him. Come up in the chinchilla. A salt. The salt-and-pepper bed. He got a whole head of hair. And i'm like okay so that makes sense. Of course your skin be don't lie. May i mean the teens flawless. I'm like see hito how you seventy nine years old and you definitely don't look like a three chump. Want it all. But it's like everything who the hell is that guy in the chinchilla. Mike that could only be ronald eisley. That is the only person that could possibly be so. Let me tell you something we wanted. It was also therese's birthday shout. i'll be ready to rea- so we did watch party at the thing. It is in the first time in all of the verses versus had a host. And i was could be used like why does this have a host and then they said who it was and i was like yet i make sense because this is really This is steve harvey's jelly and jam. So i'm not surprised by this but also i'm loving the sponsorship for versus yes. I'm sitting here like now. This is the earth wind and fire versus. Eisley brothers hers. His where the fuck is the. Cognac is like what the hell are you here you are. You do do do some of them like they only drink anymore because they like. Look i i gave up the liquor but they also seem like the dark liquor out if they are drinking. So there's so while you say about action really quickly move out of the way our odds akilah so actually diet able bar right next to you. Mary a very special randy. So maybe did he was pushing his whole. That might be. That might be one of the ones. That's on the table. 'cause photo that might be it like you said brown a liquor khorassan. So maybe that's why did he not. But it's like i'm sorry. Did he's pretty smart to like do this because i heard like i don't know which the rock they were talking about. I think we're you know what was kendrick. can't cover about. I gotta ask him. Yes the kennedy. Talk about the rocket. My that's my drink and friend. That's my rank and frame is i've got to remember which one Oh it's one of the new once. I think you said the strawberry lemonade or or strawberry. Coconut something like that. Yeah yeah so. As i gotta figure out but it's like i don't mind when it i got on the scene and it was like lemonade and sorry actually is really good. It was here's really well with like a sister. See so you probably could do. A pineapple probably do like lemonade. You could probably do on. Orange juice is like for most. Y'all exclusively it's get with. It pioneered pineapple pineapple juice pairs with a lot of shit. Malibu pineapple pinochle to kill pineapple juice pineapple in perspective. You want to pump that up really quick. so you know. Good this this shadow so-so from banning boozy. She's the one me onto you know. the muccio mango Paired with some mango on god. Fucking shit. I was like so so this is all your fault. I'm drinking. she's a good girl fun. Yes outta bed movie podcast. They will give you really good recommendations for craft beers..

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