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Well party is the wimbledon champion. And doesn't that sound so completely right. It feels like we'll of course she's the wimbledon champion. Nash party was always going to be a wimbledon champion. And if it wasn't today would be another day but of course sport doesn't work work like that. We've relived enough crucial moments in the history of this ought to know it doesn't work like that and of course it wasn't inevitable today. We'll come on to talk about the match and how uninhabitable caroliina applicable manage to make it and yet it just feels so inevitable and so perfect. That ashkenazi david and matt is the wimbledon champion. You're seeing her with the trophy. Is is just perfect. It's as right as you say. And i think particularly given how much she's made it clear it was her goal. It was a dream and it's clearly everything that she hoped it would be even though. I think it's still sinking in for right now. But if you designed a game to fit on the center code at wimbledon it would look sunday night. Nash parties yet. Totally it all fits. I think we've experienced today. One of those moments that we relived in ronan gas relieved wimbledon relieve last summer where we came away saying well. We don't really believe in destiny but a story like that would would make us believe in it this player. Who's as you said. David who's childhood dream was to win wimbledon to do so with a game tailor-made for the gross to do so on the fiftieth anniversary of the victory of the mental winning wimbledon for the first time in avuncular gung it it was just all so perfect And it's a funny one isn't it not not the the any viskhan anyway relate but when it is something you've dreamed about and wanted forever. It's almost impossible for it. Not to disappoint in some way is almost impossible for it to exceed expectations. Certainly and yet it really seemed fresh party like it at least met expectations if not exceeded the and of course there's the fact that it happens. On the fiftieth anniversary of yvonne goolagong first victory which again fails written and destined and perfect. And of course it's none of those things it just is but it feels so wonderful. Yeah i mean you could say you could see the motion immediately. Just engulfing her. And i think something is added to it by the fact that she was made to work so hard for it in the end. There's nothing she would have wanted more than to put in the virtuoso display that she started off putting in and maybe just accelerating to the finish line. But i think in terms of a memory this will. It's an additional triumph to win the way she did because she was put into such pressure in the end And i do find that fascinating ways how someone can go from winning a match points to tears so quickly just it just shows how close to the surface those emotions are what what a lead that keeping on it even though it might not feel like as opposed there were some signs in this match that but he was tense and nervous. You know she she could have closed out into sets. She served britain and employed a bag game but just the strength of that emotion immediately after winning. I just i just find that so interesting and you can apply that to push not oviously. It ended up being negative emotion after the match but it was all there and it and it it always is all that. She's just not a demonstrative person. I think it was that made it. You know hey ash. Bought is an demonstrative personal player. Either so this applies to both of them. It was particularly powerful saying that emotion. Sort of leak out of them today. In sort of an unstoppable torrent of emotion for both of them and you know it absolutely was not inevitable. There was a. I mean the things that we i say we that i was sort of asking matt to google or look up all come up with stutz for of the top of his head over the course of this much there was well catherine you said when do we mention golden set. When did we mention natasha. Zvereva 'cause because bossy when the first fourteen points of the match and then and then not even that long later matt said. Has anyone ever served that. The wimbledon title and not ended up ever winning wimbledon title. Now none of these stunts ended up being produced a fully all ended up being relevant. But that's the roller coaster that we all went on over the course of that much and that is done carrying inapplicable that we went on that rollercoaster because it looked like being anything but it like being supportive rome. Yeah i was trying to think of as sort of fairground ride that you put a toddler in where you just sort of putin along very slowly and it's very disappointing but also really quickly well. Yeah could've gone so quickly. Ashburn thirty one the first fourteen points if the final today and we all were thinking about the rain. Final and carolina push giver. Must've been thinking about the research. I love the fat. That's one of the things i think. She's achieved so much in this last few days and again today in her post-match press conference she didn't she didn't even get asked that she volunteered it. She said when it was happening. I was thinking about the rome. Final and losing six love six love to eagles fan tech An and i thought please don't happen again and honestly it looked like it was happening again. Fall down she was. She did get a point in that fourth game but she was falling down and it's a similar sort of style of opponent..

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