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Traffic and weather together on the ten to the seven forty W. lies you're still quite out there this Thursday morning yeah it's looking pretty good he spent ninety four we're at seventeen minutes from highway sixteen all the way to downtown St Louis town site forty one south on highway it was a fifteen minute ride there that's wide open southbound forty three no delays twelve minutes brown deer road to the Marquette northbound on a forty three ninety four late navigate downtown is gonna take about seven minutes so it's looking good also eight ninety four north found a good ride five minutes between the hail in the zoo the traffic and weather together on the tenth of Debbie logica WTMJ palette of you why dot com WTMJ five day forecast beautiful weather out there this morning and an awesome summer day today mostly sunny skies warm high of eighty three for tonight mainly clear becoming more humid you might want to turn the AC back on late night low temperature sixty five for Friday partly cloudy very warm and humid strong thunderstorms likely late eighty eight degrees on Saturday partly cloudy still warm eighty four lakeside eighty eight Sunday partly cloudy slight chance of storms late eighty one degrees lakeside eighty seven and Linda and Monday partly cloudy showers and storms likely eighty two near the lake eighty seven degrees I'm meteorologist Brian his name to the storm team forecast and the V. T. M. J. the other to what sixty three Franklin sixty Milwaukee sixty eight at W. T. M. J. it's the highest grossing animated film ever in new docu series is going to go granular on it this coming weekend pressure was on to follow up frozen there's a sense of responsibility and high expectations docu series into the unknown.

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