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Now is the only reason i did but they didn't set it up they were like man she won but they didn't know the medal so then break happens they didn't know what metal and so the guy of and said his wife texted him and said kotokuin olympics if you don't even know what metal the girl gone right right almuth guesses at un break and i'm on the bed i get it on yes shot so and i'll tell you the timeframe the funny thing about it is is that she didn't she won a medal yeah but it wasn't her event it was the team event right so like they they did and then he came back and he goes well was the team of it wasn't the end so anyway so i think really what we've done here is between ryan wheels myself now but all i think i think i think we do a good job because i don't pretend to be an expert in everything but i'll spit it out if i know it all day you know a lot about ally i do know a lot about a lot hashtag from chris brayden and that i'm going to own that but we do a good job and i for me when i know when something is moving the needle when my wife comes and talks to me about it when it's a sport and she comes in says something out of the blue that i didn't mention then i know it's a thing so this morning i'm getting ready to go to the gym and my wife secondary i can make him a career at so i run over there chloe kim is on the today show and this the all the people at the today show bought so chloe kim tweeted out all the foods that she wanted to eat after she won her gold medal they literally got her every food that she was she wanted and she was.

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