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That is very good government program and it's not nearly as sinister some others and they're not naive enough and then they go and vote and vote for this and then all of a sudden they shifted around is sort of like. Can you trace everything. The fed does when they're bailing people. Nobody can trace that thing so they do this. And i got to thinking well He crossed my mind. Wh one thing for sure. I never had to worry about that. Because it's the big picture you look at wasn't voting for this stuff so they weren't going to take anything that i voted for and they could transfer in these kind of programs because most of is part of a big deal. You know just like Expanding a war. Oh yes they did this well. But maybe we shouldn't even be involved and go to war without declaration and all these so they they just. It's sort of goes back to the rule of law people actually believing that Government should be restrained by what was written in the constitution. But that is people. Don't wanna hear that. They want to know when when the next check is going to. Is it going to be twelve hundred or sixteen. That's a great point in really. We had a lucky when we worked for you. Because we didn't have to agonize over the fine print. We looked at the broader strokes. But you're absolutely right especially you know in foreign affairs where i mostly worked. You would have a foreign foreign aid bill. And because we weren't allowed to you know directly fund a foreign political party. You'd look at the usa. Id thing and there'd be a sub grant to this ngo and a sub brand of this ngo you find these. See what they're helping. They're helping a certain party over the other. So that's that's a great point. But i'm ready to close out. If you think solve all the problems i would just again talk to our viewers and thanked him for for for tuning in And also just to remind you. I look at the numbers all the time and i you know. I often harangue you to police sign up for updates from the ron paul institute. We do know that. There's a lot of cancelling going on and there's a lot of disappearing going on we don't want to be but we don't wanna lose touch with you. If that happens so far we only have about eight percent of our subscribers to the youtube channel also subscribed to rpi updates As those of you who do subscribe. We don't bombard you you don't get something every day with a you know a free offer anything. We don't sell your names at all just between us. We want to be able to get in touch with you. I'll put a link after the show in the description of how you can easily sign up for updates so we can't keep in touch as you know if you sign up for our youtube channel. We don't know who you are. We don't have any way of contacting dude. Let you know where we're going if we're kicked off somewhere only know the number itself so sign up for the ron paul institute updates and we'll know who you are and you'll know who i are and we can keep in touch. Thanks for watching. Yeah good I mentioned early on a little bit of my concern about How this commie of pipeline closure is going to affect us because there's a question Who who really was responsible for it and How much is it going to cost. And what are they going to do to solve. Problems can politics get involved. Early can get involved because it's always involved. Is it gonna cost money and expensive. Yes it will so and it just adds on another item..

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