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S. news radio one thousand K. T. O. K. of course this is Warren's last get out the vote event before getting started it was clearly weren't all fully committed he said summer last minute shopping and with her sliding in the polls they were also considering others how can she recover Joey what's happened yeah really she crashed in New Hampshire and it was something that that ultimately what kind of predictable mean I think a couple months ago this would have been sort of a shocking outcome they should finish with nine percent well lets the double digits in the state that they were Sir home of Massachusetts but in the end of it I think people call hello Warren voters in your interests are warned wacky momentum and and I think she was squeezed out from from two competing sites one from a liberal young folks who who at one point said they supported her who alternately voted for Bernie Sanders in overwhelming numbers these would have been the people who she thought that will gravitate towards her big structural change mantra and then also college educated liberals including women who at one time was seen as sort of a I think moved over to Pete booted catch and any cultural especially in the in the last couple days New Hampshire picked up a lot of steam and I think it came at the expense of what's the point while also what is that one of those couple of groups of people bail on her because you could argue her name recognition was certainly better than that of Mr Putin judge or culture I mean in politics a lot of things do the hot behind handy with the hot candidate really ever since mid October when Elizabeth Warren tried to explain how to pay for her medical care for all plan he's really been sort of on the nose dive I think that took away you know what she is the brand where she has a plan for that an explanation of all the things that seem kind of sloppy do a lot of people how about was rolled out and so she just sort of separate been able to to read them from that but yeah I obviously finished first in the that we did a quote once he had momentum coming out a corporate card had talked to so many voted in the last couple days in New Hampshire they were really impressed by her a moment for that last televised debate I mean I think you know I think a lot of college educated liberal in a proper cetera ultimately are opting for more of a a unified kind of message for the more working across the aisle message local the char and to get to the post to the site she often uses that word no one is talking about no more and still have time but not much to try to pick things up here I mean she really really need a strong performance in Nevada and it can be hard to stay pretty compete and you know I've been I think she really needs to show some traction there but not before going into super Tuesday first thing with Joey garrison correspondent at USA today this piece is called how Elizabeth Warren stumbled in New Hampshire and plan for the long haul she said she plans to fight back but what exactly does that mean is going to change message well I haven't I haven't seen anything hinting at a fundamental change about math but she still using that word not fight repeatedly when he talked about and I think she wants to sort of frame or stop now it's kind of an underdog and somebody has been a lifelong fighter and this is no different than the time she got home he was an incumbent in two thousand twelve and the time you know other moments in our life that she thought that she sort of frame it at night since the it's still doing the big bowl after the kid that that's really not that much different the Bernie Sanders one thing I noticed in the last couple days on the campaign trail that she tweak a little bit as she started using that word unity when she was talking about heading into the general election she talked about her softly the candidate who could really bring all factions of Democrats together I think it was sort of a hit landers trying to say did you the name but I think he's trying to say you know there's a lot of people who who are fans of Bernie Sanders who might not help me a lot of moderate success might not supported in the general but on somebody who olfaction to this party get behind so that is one area I think she's gonna hit story Joey garrison national correspondent at USA today.

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