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Kind of final exam would be best to see if they had learned in there was an old TV program call to tell the truth. Oh, TV program now they have it coming back I think Anthony Anderson hosted Sunday nights. When I do in the last night class is I would put a TV program in my classroom called to tell the truth so I would bring in three new individuals into my room at out of the three chew had to be imposters in one was of a trooper profess shit because I wanted to see if my classic catch who was lying. So the first semester that I taught it on that last night, I had brought out a nun I gone to. A Catholic school when I grew up. So I had a friend who was done. So I said to rise come to my class last night but do not wear your non habit just wear regular suit. Then I look for two other ladies who looked a bit nunly also. So as came in I would say, well, who are you in the I would say will I am sister Mary Teresa? Insect would say no no no, I am sister Mary Teresa third would say. The Real Mary Teresa. So what was going on then my class could ask them questions. Maybe one class members said to one of them, how beads are there on a rosary or does the priest really drink wine? So while my at my class was asking them questions, they were looking at the body language of three ladies and I had taught them how to spot a liar. So during the. Course of the questioning to impostures of course did some of the line gestures and that's how Mike Egeli big learned. That's measured. They could spot who the real sister. Mary. Therese. What's so you understand how we got started for me then from that local groups would say, Oh, you need to do this for Rotary Club Qantas Club and I would go do for no money I would just go do this. Speech of body language not even knowing you could end up earning money from it, and then it ended. You know just did win Kana crazy I just started doing it doing them. People kept calling me realize the value of it because when I first started researching people kind of snickered in the body language was a serious area kill. We had these big major trials. So we had OJ's trial which. I did input on that I. went on to John and Patsy Ramsey case I went on Scott Peterson case with onto Casey. Anthony's case all of these big cases that's where you got the impression of what is a jury salted in that's what I do. I'm a jury consultant. So when those warnings came out, didn't they started looking body language a little bit more seriously and just last night a are. Watching NBA and even the announcer saying look at their body language when they're walking away from the team huddle or by watching NFL. So people are always talking about it, and tonight is the first debate between the presidential candidates. So you know that I've be watching the debates Damore I'm going to report on several TV stations so that from the research I did that I started working for ABC, NBC and CBS They kept asking me to come on and report on someone's body. The first one ever did was a bill, Clinton's body language when he was in the Monica, Lewinsky's account. This do. You let's do this little experiment, any an ISA, just put your writing and up..

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